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Andrew31kbrick193's favorite builders
Tagline goes here
The new era has arrived........
Finally Have a Good Looking Ghar!
Ketros' Shady Forge
Another Brick in the Wall...
Enter The Core
monsters of men
Ignika and Leewan's common page
My LEGO creations
Transformers, Mecha, Pixel Art and a bunch of othe...
We're most alive when we're building
The Shadow Awakened
it's on like Donkey Kong!
The Workshop
Deston Fire & Rescue
My LEGO creations
bionicle mocs
Persist and Endure
BWTMT Brickworks
"You're not better than me I'm just worse than you...
Bionicle Creations
"Let's check for a pulse".
Creativity Hall
Mostly Micro Scale
With a lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.
Fenrek's HQ
Creations From the Mind of a Youth
God's Not Dead
Starfleet Master Shipwrights
Guns, swords and the Brick Awards!
Plate county Fire And rescue.
That Friggen Sniper's a Spy!
Realistic Minifigure Sportcars
My LEGO creations
Weapons of Mass Construction
[Insert Tilt Here]
Some Assembly Required
Lair of the Legendary
Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fas...
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Nikoland!
Guess who wasn't that back ^^" // "That takes Cajo...
Asad's abode
"I know I have as much Courage as I need." ~ Taka,...
One Brick at a Time
Figuratively Dim
My LEGO creations
"Burn teh bacon"
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
WELCOME to my LEGO(R) Creations, my VISION and my...
I hate everything.
I'm not slacking off. My code is compiling.
One Homepage to Rule them All...
Alpha Q's mocs
Poop, meet fan.
Land of the Toa
My Workshop
A Relic of a Time Long Past
Home Of The Brave
My Lego Creations
Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder
Its Latin, look it up.
Title? What title?
Carry On MOCing!
Bricksology 101
We can rebuild him, we have the technology.
Journey to Elemental Universe
Don't Split, Stay Here!
MOCs from Every Theme!
Consistently Inconsistent
Made in Britain.
Fite me IRL I hav Rinnegan.
The Guy With The Halo Guns
My humble display
Retro Lego Space Forever!
The Art of Lego
There are those who call me Tim...
M<0><0>DSWIM's Sea Of Dreams
A Gallery of Biomechanical Expression
That guy who never uploads a build...
My sci-fi series is about start
Expect More Works In 2015
Jeordeon's Bionicle MoCs
Jesus freak.
aka J D
Shadow`s Domain
My LEGO creations
A privileged life are the hardest ones to live.
3 year veteran
This is my page, there are many like it, but this ...
Sven's Lego stuff ;)
Dog house
Never Surrender, No matter the cost. For victory, ...
Chop-n-Go Rods-n-Mods
Why don't hedgehogs just share the hedge?
Heh, I'm not sure if Im active
Forge of the Pharaoh
My World Of LEGO Supercars!
The Need To Build Something Awesome...
Insert generic title here.
Amhakia Visions
My LEGO creations
What's wrong with being a KFOL?
The Home Place
The Castle Freak
Posting whenever
The Gates Of Delirium
Smooth Jazz's MOCs
My LEGO creations
Turbo's Garage
The BIONICLE community on this site has some kind ...
My LEGO creations
Master of ninjas
My LEGO creations
now you're in the world of wolves and we welcome a...
Who prefers SALTY popcorn!?
All My Creations
"It all starts with an idea..."
Building is a way of meditation.
Welcome to the Future_
All Bionicle
My LEGO creations
MOCs by DeeVee
Logic? I've got Imagination!
Some Assembly Required
My Mocs
I'm The Snag
Andrew's LEGO web site
KopakaTon's MOC Gallery
"MOCing is a Form of Medication"
PR0T05T33L's MOCs (HF and Racers)
Bionic's Lego Creations
ADVANCED EMPIRE: future & fantasy military mocs
All Your Base
My LEGO creations
The Galactic Anthropic Imperial Armada
View_of_MetruNui's Bionicle Creation
The Dead Zone
My LEGO creations
[BASTION] Citadel Heavy Industries// Mobile Weapon...
more active on flickr for the time being
Mr. Supurjuce
That Mysterious Thing
Fieldus Magna Will Rise!
So Cold, It Burns
The Place Where It Fits
My Bionicle Factory
If first you don't succeed... It will be hilarious...
LEGO creations of Fred Ottens
The Metal's Den
I'm so original!
Edusardo98 Moc's
Come the future after the past...
Xtreme Skillz
Holding Onto Hope
welcome to my shadow
A Field Full of Pesky Birds
Zombie-mode active. Head to my YouTube for new con...
KrisAndKris' Brick Corner
Welcome To My Universe
The Toa of Smashing
My LEGO creations
The Standard Happenings Of Me
My Life is Lego
A bigger pile of LEGO in a bigger apartment...
Welcome to my web of creation
Still Improving
Going through the dark ages
The Punisher's Blade Site
The Tales Left Untold
Elite Realm of Fallen Heroes.
My LEGO creations
~~~The Lair of Imagination~~~
The Green Post:
"In some Worlds it's known as the Mask of Light, b...
NKubate: Think outside the box
My LEGO creations
Suddenly... PINEAPPLES!
Bionicle and Hero Factory MOC
The Polaris Alliance with their friends and foes
3rdeye88's MOCpages Outpost
The Crowe's Nest
A Sound of Thunder
Lego hoard
My return is imminent
My LEGO creations
Gabor Pauler's LEGO Technic Helicopters
Joshuajacobson95's base
Brick City Depot
Mania not hobby
A Zoider's Playground
I haz waffles :3
Don't post here anymore.
Super Pikmin's Bionicle creations
MOC don't mock
~ Play Well ~
Check out my new self moc!
Everything is Awesome!
A Little Collection of Bricks
Ha, I'm not even going to try to be clever with th...
Follow me on Flickr if you want to see my WIPs and...
The Mobile Suit Factory (and other "junk")
Gr8 b8 m8
Bricksonwheels Creations
Lego Life
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Deep Contemplations on Life invoving MOCing, a clo...
Bionicles and (what seems to be) some sort of acti...
Technic by Daniel.
Currently on Hiatus, MOCcing block + High School +...
Welcome to The Verdant Pyre.
everything in the world are alot like legos. it ca...
The Lake of Storms in a Field of White.
My LEGO creations
Welcome to Varalist...
"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go af...
Toa with the Mouth
creativity is my style
My homepage
Welcome to The Grand Array
Your Loss, My Win.
The hub of imagination
[ Insert Cheesy Pun ]
~~~Packing My Mocs And Moving To Flickr.~~~
The MOCist formerly known as Cheesy Q
A Small Corner
MOCing for the Glory of God
I'm just a meme.
~ The Lord Of The Brick ~
Modern Military Hardware
LEGO® Creations
Oblivion's MOCs
Creating life for a Universe
Plastic Wasteland
A Life of The Forgotten
A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Art with LEGO bricks
Enrichment Sciences
Have you heard about my super cool Rattata?
Stop Animator
Universe At War
Guess who's back!
"When life puts you in tough situations, don't say...
Welcome to the Dark-side. We've been expecting you...
I don't wanna grow up.
Beware of Bullets and other Random Projectiles
Back In Black! And Orange.
Kyle's MOCS
HeadQuarters For Adventure
TFOL at last!
Back In Action
With great LEGO comes great responsibility
Enter the Dragon's Den
"Would you like Wasabi with that?"
The Kookie Jar
My Idiot Box
Goodness a whole summer and I didn't post a thing....
My LEGO creations
Larnuu Of Metru-Nui
Since 2001.
Why not?
Andrew's LEGO web site
PandaNutria's empire of Weird-ness
M3ZTV1 !Z$VZ1tY =l8)
What's this? Have I Finally Found a Body for Kang!...
Pictures of Lego from a closet
Eddy P's Lair of Lego's
Let's have a mad party!
The Product of an Unnoccupied Mind
Under the sign of the Leo
Takua Nui's Dwelling
Nexutron High Command; When life gives you lemons,...
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Welcome to the rebellion. You have come a long way...
My LEGO creations
CYNow Designs
Wombat Combat Pictures' LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Flameman's MOCs
Brick by Brick
NightFalls Lair
KylerNuva135's LEGO BIONICLE M.O.C.'s
The Hill
check my stuff out yo
On Top of The World!
Ian's archive
Prime Time
NERDpages- The LEGO Graveyard
Lego is Art!
Nothing's wrong when nothing's true
A Page For Man.
Lego Dojo
Diaon and Erab's HQ
Deposit your sanity here.
May the Lord Strike Thunder on you if you think Mo...
How did I build that? Brick on brick.
~The Void~
The Fezmaster
My LEGO creations
Dylan's Lego Lair
Sill's City
Vahki6419's Realm
[Crazy_Awesome.exe has stopped working.]
My LEGO creations
tauntauns are cool
Ant Swarms Moc Nest.
(}Renegade`s Workshop{)
Organized?, Since when.
IDR (Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild)
So... all of time and space, everything that ever ...
Pure Creation
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
brickmizer's home page
My LEGO creations
Icy Realm
Ring Around the Legoes... :0
Welcome to Matt's Castle
Discovery One
My Bionicle creations
Building is part of growing
Light and Dark are powerful, Together unstopable
My MOCs, My Rules.
Moto Nui
I uploaded moc's!!!!
Every Piece has a Use.
"In a world gone silent..."
"...I don't have any Preciouses!"
Tyler's Garage
Kueva Nui
Arka nui
Section 21
Welcome all Humans!
My life in pieces
Torres Designs OOAK Custom Lego Minifigures
The marvelous worlde of monsters ande Majik and sp...
The Creations of Awesomeness
My LEGO creations
The Hollowed Oak Tavern
AyyyLmao what it do?
Box Of Emptyness
The Dragon Nest
BionicleAdventure'sTV Headquarters!
Jonny's LEGO web site
Page One
Andruian HQ
Dracus360's/GenuinelySynthetic's LEGO/BIONICLE MOC...
Life is a Party, Crash it...
A Power Stroke
Welcome MOCcers!
Blast from the past!
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Champions of Yerma-Magna
The Parallel Universe of Randomness
Nealybealy's Site
Welcome to Garlak Nui!
Behold I am Grimblade Master of Doom now all will ...
Ery's LEGO web site
The King's Army
Legos are cool
Creations of passion!
WARNING:Reality stops here.
Makutaverse Studios Creations
My LEGO creations
Christianity is NOT a religion it is a love for th...
Toilet_Duck's lego warehouse
tonineddu creation
Commenting helps fuel the economy!
Wayward Son
Build what you like,like what you build.
MOCs by the Amazing Toa Era
The Endless Expanse of my Mind
My Bionicle Workshop
Machinations of a GameMunkey
Akara's Realm
My LEGO creations
The Dark Ages Cometh...
My LEGO creations
Scott's LEGO web site
Johann's Asylum for the Mentally Weird
My realm of great bionicle MOCS!!!!!!
NuvaPower272's MOCs
Micheal N's Mocs
The Hall Of Berial
Nicholas' Bionicle Creations Page
My LEGO creations
Mocs of the Turtleman
NickGreat's LEGO Minifigs
"When you mess with time, you're gonna get punched...
Mech´s and more
My LEGO creations
Home of Your Favorite Builder!
The Great Derelict
Wings of a Hero
The Skunk Works
Lego, Cars, Technic, exotic, sportcars, replicas, ...
Sam's Lego Bionicle Extravaganza
Hero Terminus
Eric Hunter's MOC Collection
You should not judge Legos by the color of their p...
Kyle's LEGO web site
My Random Building Center
Say "eye", spell Map, Say "ness"
Of MOCs and Men. (The Works of optimus-convoy)
"The only thing that's impossible---IS IMPOSSIBILI...
Mediocre's LEGO shizzle
ryan's LEGO web site
You see, it actually happened like this...
Air Base 9960
Norwood magna, we will conquer the darkness ~toa a...
The Acid Assassin awaits
Andy's LEGO web site
Blue Star
Saber's Cavalcade Of Titans
Tomago's MoC's, welcome
Bara Magna
Sector 000 Eric's Star Trek and Sci-fi MOCs
lego2000's LEGO web site
-Linkin-'s MOCs
The fish are dead.
Steve and Family's Giant Bioncle/Mecha page
zer0's Mocs
Matt's LEGO web site
Rob's LEGO web site
Brick Bay and Iron Brick Industries
DARK's Castle Creations
My LEGO creations
Da Brick Lab
Tekka Croe
jamey's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations

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