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Lego's favorite builders
My LEGO World
With Time, Bricks, and Inspiration...
A world without a brick wouldn't be a world at all...
Fun times with LEGO
Feel better by building
Bricks and Pieces
The Shadow Awakened
Custom LEGO Creations By AFOL 60+
Perhaps you are right...
Your Loss, My Win.
The Whimsical World
creativity is my style
LEGO imagination
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery
"Only the best is good enough..."
Asad's abode
BWTMT Brickworks
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Land of the Toa
Fenrek's HQ
SFs Garage
Sariel's LEGO web site
The LEGO Craft Works
Maethor's Mathoms
Some Assembly Required
Welcome to the planet Thasos!
My LEGO creations
My Lego Fire Departments, Police, EMS, and other s...
I'm one piece short of Legoland
Lair of the Legendary
"Its not just a plastic brick, it can be the found...
The Galactic Anthropic Imperial Armada
The Driving Dutchman, truckworld
Brickmore City
My LEGO creations
Godwins Hollow of Outer Godwinia
Play Well.
Sven's Lego stuff ;)
Cybercity the utopian town
Declan Muller AKA Dekershekers AKA DcastDeclan AKA...
Mondaynoodle's Lego Page
My LEGO creations
Construction, Build, and Design
LEGO creations by Starscream Soundwave
Visions From The Mind, Recreated In Bricks.
Things that I have made and then taken pictures of...
My LEGO creations
WELCOME to my LEGO(R) Creations, my VISION and my...
“Whaddya mean, I can’t have seven aces?”
My LEGO creations
Whackemoff Stellar Enterprises, Inc.
The Place Where It Fits
My Page Of Misc. Stuff
Catron is Fallen
Tirrell's LEGO web site
Silly Productions
M<0><0>DSWIM's Sea Of Dreams
Ron's Lego Lair
My LEGO creations
Joes Lego Creations
NILSOBRIX - 4-Wide Cars and More
The Polaris Alliance with their friends and foes
x_Speed's Custom Cars Garage
Devid loves Mecha
Imagine Designs
When Reverse Psychology Backfires
A Quest is at Hand
Pretend This is a Good Title
"In the mean time imagine the most horrific thing ...
choose your brick - be creative...
The Well of Lost MOCs
Welcome to my humble dwellings!
~ Play Well ~
Where the future begins tomorrow!
Too lazy to think of a fitting title - Excactly wh...
Because I can.
My LEGO creations
Mr. Cab's House of Creativity
A Small Corner
Just One More Brick...
Another Saber-Scorpion's Lair
My LEGO creations
We never get too old for LEGO!
De Oersoep
A page of MOCs
Randomness is a Virtue
Dragon lair
The Calleri Boys
Taking My Frustrations Out On A Bunch Of Plastic B...
Salvete Amici! (Greetings Friends!)
Miniature Modeling
My LEGO creations
Because I'm a Potato
There are those who call me Tim...
MOCing for the Glory of God
The Brickbase
My LEGO creations
The Doghouse
Minds are like parachutes, they function best when...
ER0L's Garage
Lego 4 Life's website
No title, I killed it...
Baron von Brunk's Custom LEGO Page of Justice!
Nacho Enterprises
FX Industries
Brick Alchemy
Stud City Fire Department
Unimaginable awesome mindblowing creations!
RC tanks and more
Girafft's Creations
My LEGO creations
Shield and Sword Bricks
Swash Buckler's Personal Legoland
Legends Never Die (And Rumors Are Also Hard to Kil...
Functional. Novel. Just.
MOCs from Every Theme!
Lego and doughnuts the two best things
Spencer's Models
AFFOL and Proud of it
Templum Ignoti
My LEGO creations
I am Alive!
Dare to Dream
Lego, Sports, and not much else.
To Build, or not to Build...
ATFOL Abode of Awesomeness
Shawn's LEGO web site
Vanilla Rice's LEGO Workshop
The Guy With The Halo Guns
Leg Godt (play well)
World of Recreation
The Brick Hub™
The Doctor is in the House
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Let Go My LEGO
Building community
Come the future after the past...
Jordan "Sir Nadroj" Schwartz -
Woodland Shrine
creative stuff
So Say We All
Weapons of Mass Construction
Creating life for a Universe
The sons of Kayne will recieve....
My LEGO LOTR creations
My LEGO creations
Welcome to the Bat Cave
"Speak friend and enter!"
Central Intelligence
Brick Replicas
Lightning HQ
My Mid-Life Lego Crisis
Stars & Steam
Bricks of Awesome
My LEGO creations
Art with LEGO bricks
Just Novel
The Twilight Zone
Welcome to Pie Headquarters.
LEGO Creations
Constant Brickering
LegoManiacmans LEGO creations
Why don't hedgehogs just share the hedge?
The Lost Kingdom of Bricks
Let it be
My LEGO creations
Ultimate Car Garage
old style creations
My LEGO creations
Cars, Cars, and did I mention cars?
Growing Old Is Mandatory - Growing Up Is Optional
Leg Godt
All things LEGO...
To Kill a MOCing Bird
My LEGO creations
The Lake of Storms in a Field of White.
Another Brick in the Wall...
Derfel Cadarn's Tales Of Dumnonia
Patrick's LEGO web site
Keep on Brickin'
Dream Garage
Brick City Depot
The Standard Happenings Of Me
The Work of a Boy and his Bricks
Literature and Architecture
clone commando hang out place
The Rancor's dungeon
Just A TFOL's Home page
The Art of Lego
The Home Of LukeClarenceVan
A Bricker's Imagination
The Mudd Hole
Making Space Colourful!
~~~The Lair of Imagination~~~
Koalaexpert's LEGO web site
"Death is only an obstacle in life. Overcome that ...
A bigger pile of LEGO in a bigger apartment...
Eat More Ramen
Lego Twp Fire Department
Yo-Sub's LEGO web site
Matt Jacobsens Fire Apparatus
My LEGO creations
Unable to post on this site - check my flickr for ...
Basement of Bricks
A TFOL's Corner of the Sci-Fi
Gotham City, Star Trek and the golden age of ocean...
Athletics and MOC-Aesthetics
LEGO Base's and other stuff:)
My LEGO creations
Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn, and Gi...
My LEGO creations
John's Workshop
The Brickyard
My LEGO creations
Nate's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
Watch and Build
Everything Is Awesome With Christ Jesus!
My LEGO creations
"God made you special, and He loves you very much!...
Calo Anor Na Ven Min Mellon
Jacky's LEGO creations
Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are c...
Bricks should be a (W)right!
I'll be on Flickr if you need me.
Made in Britain.
Mr. Xenomurphy´s tiny World of Bricks
Title? What title?
Don't think it! Build It!
Outer Rim Empire (ORE)
The Lego Kinetic
A shot at making good MOCs
C.L.A.C. Building 26
Lord of War 'N' Bricks
MOC's from Blocks
My LEGO creations
IOMEDES creations
My LEGO creations
My Little Lego Musing...
I Mine The Legos
Gone Brickin'
My LEGO cars & Aircraft (not many aircraft yet)
D & T Shipyards and Aircrafts Co.
Brix 'n space
Pizza Lover!!!
A Zoider's Playground
HeadQuarters For Adventure
another kiwi bub
That Aussie/Kiwi Mutt!
My LEGO creations
The universal building block!
Anu's LEGO web site
4-wides and more
Ludgonian Industrial Union
Laygoez and stuff...
The hopefully amazing creations of Mr. Simpson
The Realm of Accoria
Nitrositys Underground Hideout
Always Keep Building, Always Keep Learning!
My LEGO creations
Page of stuff
My LEGO creations
Kyle the Kreator
One Brick at a Time
Karl E's Brickyard
A recent fan of Lego.
Where bricks come to die...
Nick's LEGO Castles
MOC Presentation
***Ape Fight's Lego Site***
My LEGO creations
Three years without injury...
Bring out the LEGOS
LEGO creations
ABSolutely addicted to LEGO...
My LEGO creations
Evo's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
1 brick at a time
So Says I
Lord Skarik's Kingdom
the chefs mess.
Can we build it?! Yes we can!
long live the brick
Disco Designs!
Bruce Lowell
Amhakia Visions
"This space was intentionally left blank" ;Zork 1
Studington City
Home of the Perpetually Young...
On Top of The World!
The difference between being a coward and a hero i...
My LEGO creations
BrickUnion758's LEGO Works
My LEGO creations
To Build or Not to Build...
The muffin shop
My LEGO creations
Erathor Pridenar
Where is that piece?
The Castle Freak
Legow Stuf
Construo ergo sum!
My LEGO creations
Eric's dives into deep dorkdom
Studdsville Fire Department
There is a Lego builder in all of us
Speak "Friend" and Enter
Just your friendly neighborhood... LEGO builder?
Entomology is not the study of ents.
Watch out for my Grim Reaper
obscurance (AUDI.TW) LEGO web site
Where Dreams Come True...
Hen Peril's little builds...
Michael's MOC Corner
Novice Lego Builder
Elio's own creations
Joaquin Creations
JMac's Micro MOCs
Stuff and nonsense
Tobias Buckdahn | Sculptures and models
The Brickcave
Kik's Bricks
Stacy's FFOL Lair
My LEGO creations
From the Movies
Yloquen's LEGO web site
DS9's LEGO web site
Welcome to my page
Chips Off the Old Brick
The Otters' Holt
You scratch my back, I get my back scratched.
My LEGO creations
Brian's Medieval Lair
The Expendable's Armoury
Son's LEGO web site
House of Nabii
The Ooga Booga Beluga
This is you puzzle, this is are puzzle, this is aw...
Blake's Baericks
My LEGO creations
Brickville: The Vertical Rise
"The Happiest MOCs on Earth"
Now entering "My LAIR"
Imaginings of a Mere Mortal
My LEGO creations
For me it was Tuesday
My LEGO creations
Anthony's LEGO web site
Fieldus Magna Will Rise!
I am a teenager... I build stuff. (Copyrighted)
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Welcome to My World
My LEGO creations
Zach Berg Studios
My LEGO creations
I'm not a smart man... But I know what MOC's are
Welcome to Floriduuuhhh
My Nothing Box
My LEGO creations
Anthony's Lego Creations
My LEGO creations
Bits & Pieces
Winter is coming
Building New Ideas
Government Commissions
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Jay's LEGO web site
Forged in the Desert
Welcome to my Lego Lair!
Mark of Falworth
My LEGO creations
Do ya fear death?
Klementina's LEGO web site
Ryan's LEGO web site
.the spaceman has landed...
military minifigs and dioramas
My Lego Army
The Wolff's Den.
Steven's LEGO web site
The Following Sentence is True. The Previous Sente...
Chris' castles
Dark Ages
working gun archive
My LEGO creations
Live your dreams
Going through the dark ages
The overflowing shelf
My (little) Empire of Bricks
My LEGO creations
Kruiz Kreations
TX's creation station
I'm A Spriteman
LEGO Military, Weapons, and more!
A TFOL's Little Corner of Cyberspace
Welcome to my Castle
A room full of bricks
Rogue Spartan Productions
It's a deMOCracy!
The Lord of the Bricks
The Guard House
brickarms forums user Zombie hunter
Logic? I've got Imagination!
"Du hast mich in einer seltsamen Phase meines Lebe...
Whimsical Land of Popped Corn!
Ye Olde Page
My Lego Creations
aabbee 150
Omega Sentinel Creations
Welcome to my crib!
I arrive precisely when I mean too
Brick Chick!
Veni, Vidi, Vici, I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.
Dóminus illuminátio mea! (The Lord is my light)
My LEGO creations
LEGO creations
The Realm.....
My LEGO creations
No longer active
Jan´s Page
Just Kick-It!
DARK's Castle Creations
My LEGO creations
Uber fun!
Factory Bricks
Oh, for the love of Bricks
The Port of Brick Royal
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Is AWESOME!!!!
My LEGO creations
A Hobbyist's Studio
My LEGO creations
Dan the Brickman
No Fear In High Gear
The Home of Star Wars Minifigures
Michael's Bag End
Thunder zone: No pain No gain!
Peter's LEGO web site
A Brick a Day
ARF´s page
City of Ticlaw
Yatkuu's creations
Daniel's Technic Creations
Happiness is a bin of Lego
Krazy Kastle Krak Guy
Colonial Guard™
Nexal, Toa of the Bara Magnan sands
Keep it cool.
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Siercon & Coral
Bricko's Stuff
Mad Dragons And Burnt Wagons!
Good titles are always taken...
My LEGO creations
Why Did I Ever Leave My Hobbit Hole?!
I. Am. That. Hero!
I love Horses!!!!!!
The Boss Builder!
My LEGO creations
just an average TFOL with brix!
M. Timn Incorporated
Welcome to the land of Philipp, The allmighty
Vimal's LEGO
My LEGO creations
The Western Expansion MOC Page
So many pieces, so little time...
Daniel's LEGO Website
Where the Workshop is!
Command Center 5 Productions
MOCs by K
AL 's
Paul's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Allan's LEGO web site
Vigs, Figs and what not
My LEGO creations
The Everything Burrito
My LEGO creations
Sideways is always harder.
KielDaMan's Creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
The Wizarding World
The brick is strong in my family.
James' LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
Medieval Madness
B is for Building...
Brick City Vol. Fire Dept.
little guys big creations
The Kamikaze Is In
Hunter's Lair
My LEGO creations
We are brothers in the brick ...
Mutley777 LEGO web site
I'm proud to be a TFOL!
The Dark Ages Cometh...
A Christ-Following Tween's View of the World (Thro...
This is the page you're looking for...
Bernard's LEGO web site
World of (somewhat) Awesomeness
This isn't the homepage you're looking for
Alpha's Wolf Den
Josiah's MOCpages
Pineapple Industries - Bringing The Magic!
My LEGO creation
Matt's Creations
The Hawk's Nest
brickmizer's home page
Zack's Creations
Brick by Brick
My LEGO creations
"The LDD Library"
~Doo doodoo~ ~Doo doo~ ~Doodoodoodoo~
Welcome to my Base Factory!!
"Vpered na Bricklin!"
Bricks from Blighty!
Baixinho's MOCs web site
My LEGO creations
Rock that MOC.
The Filipino LEGO Builder
The Dawn Core /The Dawn Crown
Lets get buildin'!
My LEGO creations
What is the architect doing ? ...
Redneck Fabrication Inc.
My LEGO creations
Lego Unleashed
Eric Hunter's MOC Collection
Guns. Legos. and Saints.
just an average kid who loves lego
A Boy and his block
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Brick dreams
The Skunk Works
Anything is Possible With Bricklink!
Castles & Things
My LEGO creations
My Brick Wall
I'm the builder Mocpages deserves, but not the one...
A Handful of Lego Bricks
Brick lover from Croatia
Welcome to a new Dimension.
Legohaulics Anonymous
LEGO Motion
Per's LEGO Starwars
Imagination, Innovation, creation
My LEGO creations
Hello everyone :D
welcome to middle earth!
The D.O.G. house
Sean-Michael productions
My LEGO creations
Outpost 6774
Endless Combinations of The LEGO® Brick!
Fallout New Vegas is the best Waste of Time since ...
get your spare parts here!
Sirens Of Titan's Fantasy Realm
My LEGO creations
Strider's Lair
Can you handle the Legos, PUNK?!
Mr. Gorillas Wonderful World of LEGO's
My LEGO creations
Josh's Page O' MOCs
My Little Corner of the LEGOverse
Misriah Armories, Mars
"The only thing that's impossible---IS IMPOSSIBILI...
Macv SOG Recruitment Office
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Lego Military Industries
My LEGO creations
Hpscully Lego Creations
Arvat Zev
Leg Godt
Morning Waffles, Biscuits, and Pretzels Lego Page
My LEGO creations
Custom Legos
I play with Lego now. Lego is cool.
One Ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. ...
Histo-Sci's MOCpages
The Playground
My LEGO creations
The Amalgamation of Aesthetics and Engineering
Mark's LEGO web site
welcome to my kingdom of mechanical pencils, brick...
StickNik: find me on Steam
1000th Legion HQ The site of Star wars and Halo
My LEGO creations
My Lego Kingdom
Welcome to my page!
The Cantina
N.L.A (No Longer Active)
My LEGO creations
Voidshifter = Minecraft
Future marine
My LEGO creations
The Cave,,,,,
Workshop #37,956
I've been Canadized... eh?
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My homepage.
My LEGO creations
The LEGOings of a teenage Ewok
20000 leagues under the sea...
Lego Evolution
Stuff and things
Mayhem, Mischief, and Marauding Co.
Federation of Unified Planets
Drake's LEGO web site
Dunechaser's Fortress of Solitude
Official Website of the Headquarters of the Produc...
The Art of Grey
Thy Paulthenian Alliance Awaits Thee!
My LEGO battlefield
Brickscape's LEGO Creations
I'm Not Dead Yet, But We're Still Closed
Brick Architect
My brickopolis
My LEGO creations
"It's a trap!"
Zane's Hideout
Dylan's Lego Lair
FonchyTime Legos
Givin zombies headaches since 2010
my lego creations :D
Outcast Creations: Need inspiration.
Mediocre's LEGO shizzle
student teen kid toy play lego child video game hobby blocks construction toy legos fun games

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