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Rat Rod
Rat Rod by Daniel Pérez
"DeVille" Hot-Rod
"DeVille" Hot-Rod by Daniel Pérez
"The Black Widow" Hot-Rod
"The Black Widow" Hot-Rod by Daniel Pérez
Hot rod - Lucky 13
Hot rod - Lucky 13 by sm 01
LEGO - FORD F-100 (50s) - 1:18 ...
LEGO - FORD F-100 (50s) - 1:18 ... by Ewald Straßmann
Emulare by Aaden Hughes
Red Baron
Red Baron by sm 01
Hotrod Hearse (7stud)
Hotrod Hearse (7stud) by B. Rick
The Rat Rod (small)
The Rat Rod (small) by Hot Rod

About this group

Welcome to the MOCpages Rod Club!
MOCpages oldest club

The place to find all the best Rods on MOCpages, from Hot to Rat and Street to Strip!

Thanks for dropping in to MOCpages' oldest group. The Rod Club was active for 5 years from 2008 to 2013. Below you can find links to the finest Rods scattered over MOCpages built during this time by MOCpages' 50 best Rod builders.

Whilst our Top 50 is now closed you can still add your creation/s to the group. If you'd like to become a member with your own Rod simply add it to the section at the top of this page.

Happy Building!

Rod Of The Moment:

From 2008 to 2013 the best Rods uploaded to the Club were awarded the Rod Of The Moment Award. We're no longer issuing this prize, however all the past winners can be found below.

ROTM Roll Call:
Apple Pie (x3), Patrick Chambers, Dylan Denton (x2), Jeremy McNutt, Sharpspeed, Raphael G, Tim Inman, Tyler Reid (x2), Patrick L (x2), Tterbo Magnesium, Petey Bird, Firas Abu Jaber, Phil Nye, Petr Stuchly, Jonathan Derksen, Jacob Rees, Robert Poole (x2), Fred Ottens, Dohoon Kim, Michael Burris, Senator Chinchilla, Austin Nomorinfo, Rhys' Pieces (x2), Hot Rod (x2), Vinny Turbo, BricksonwheelsMOC, Dead Box, Aaden Hughes (x2), Thomas Eckert, Chris Melby, Jon Elliott, Sam Wright

All the above can add the ROTM Trophy by Patrick L to their pages.
Visit his MOCpage to claim it!

MOCpages Top 50 Rod Builders:

Creator: Tyler Reid
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner (x2)
Builder of amazing XL fully functioning Technic Rods, Tyler’s uploaded so many we’ve lost count. Click here for from Tyler!

Creator: Jonathan Derksen
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner
Exceptionally well made medium scale Rods of all types, from funny cars to t-buckets. Click here for more from Jonathan!

Creator: Patrick L
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner (x2), Moderator
Patrick has a huge variety of large scale Rods uploaded, all of which are amongst the most realistic on MOCpages. Click here for more of Patrick’s creations!

Creator: Jens Matuschek
Elite Entries: 1
Jens is famous on MOCpages for his stunning Italian exotics. When he builds a Rod the results are just as impressive. Click here for more from Jens!

Creator: Ruud Stam
Elite Entries: 2
Simple medium scale Rods, with some of the maddest engines in the Club! Click here for more from Ruud!

Creator: Jeroen Van Hove
Elite Entries: 1
Incredibly talented builder and creator of a fully functioning Rod of truly epic proportions. Click here for more from Jeroen!

Creator: BricksonWheels MOC
Elite Entries: 2
Notes: ROTM Winner
BricksonWheels’ creations are very detailed, very shiny, and include The Rod Club's only Truck Rod. Click here for more from BricksonWheels!

Creator: Curtis Collins
Elite Entries: 1
Curtis’ Rat Rod looks like it was built from the left overs of an eclectic mix of sets, exactly as it should be! Click here for more from Curtis!

Creator: Apple Pie
Elite Entries: 3
Notes: ROTM Winner (x3)
Large scale ratty Rods, with some neat detailing you won’t find anywhere else. Click here for more from Apple!

Creator: Steve Beatty
Elite Entries: 1
Builder of this stunning medium scale SNOT Hot Rod. Click here for more from Steve!

Creator: Dan the Man
Elite Entries: 1
One of MOCpages’ most famous vehicle builders, Dan entered this Rod into the club. There's a Lotus 7 in there somewhere... Click here for more from Dan!

Creator: Dima Rybakov
Elite Entries: 3
Medium scale Rod builder with nicely inventive parts use. Click here for more of Dima's creations!

Creator: Tterbo Magnesium
Elite Entires: 2
Notes: ROTM Winner
Good quality medium scale Rods can be found here, with some nice working features too. Click here for more from Tterbo!

Creator: Firas Abu-Jaber
Elite Entries: 2
Notes: ROTM Winner
Arguably MOCpages best and most famous vehicle builder, Firas is internationally recognised for his creations, including two Elite Rods. Visit his homepage and marvel. Click here for more from Firas!

Creator: Tim Inman
Elite Entries: 3
Notes: ROTM Winner
Creator of some of most outlandish Rods in the club, including this ‘Hangman’ replica and a monster twin-engined Rat Rod. Click here for more from Tim!

Creator: Dylan Denton
Elite Entries: 1
Notes: ROTM Winner (x2)
An excellent medium scale car builder. Dylan also makes small scale vehicles which are no less impressive, one of which earned him a second ROTM award. Click here for more from Dylan!

Creator: Biczzz R
Elite Entries: 3
Builder of some beautifully designed Rods, ranging from medium scale Model Team to large fully functioning Technic . Click here for more from BiczzzR!

Creator: Ape Fight
Elite Entries: 1
Notes: Rod Club Founder, Administrator
Builder of a huge scale, fully functioning Rat Rod with a monster V8 and working transmission. Click here for more from Ape!

Creator: Kevin Peeters
Elite Entries: 3
Fantastic Rat Rod builder, who captures rust and decay beautifully in his Rods. Click here for more from Kevin!

Creator: Jerac
Elite Entries: 1
Jerac’s Elite entry is an expertly crafted Hot Rod with exceptional detailing. As good as anything in Legoland and an inspiration for many Rod builders. Click here for more from Jerac!

Creator: Albin Forsman
Elite Entries: 1
Albin’s dramatically chopped Rod with working steering takes him into the Elite Members’ section, check out his Rod’s awesome profile! Click here for more from Albin!

Creator: Ben Schevers
Elite Entries: 1
Ben’s Elite Rod is fully functioning with a working V8, gearbox and suspension. Click here for more from Ben!

Creator: Armaan Ujra
Elite Entries: 2
Armaan’s creations are mean, green and use some interesting parts. Click here for more from Armaan!

Creator: Paul Sariel
Elite Entries: 1
A pioneer of RC vehicles, Paul’s fully drivable Rod also is the clear winner of the 'Biggest Engine' Award- this has a V14! Click here for more on from Paul!

Creator: Rogue Builder
Elite Entries: 2
Rogue shows that keeping it clean, simple and realistic can produce stunning results. Both his entries, including this white Rod, are superbly built. Click here for more from Rogue!

Creator: Oscar Verbeek
Elite Entries: 1
Oscar builds some great Power Functions vehicles. Luckily for us, one of them is a Rod. Click here for more from Oscar!

Creator: Jamey Eisenberger
Elite Entries: 1
Fully Functioning T-Bucket, with 4 wheel suspension and a Hemi up front. One of the best engines you'll see on MOCpages. Click here for more from Jamey!

Creator: Jonathan Clark
Elite Entries: 2
Builder of large scale Rods with lots of cool features. Click here for more from Jonathan!

Creator: Henry Shepard
Elite Entries: 1
Henry earns his Elite status with this fully remote controlled Hot Rod. XL scale, good detail and flaming exhausts! Click here for more from Henry!

Creator: Nathaniel Vendt
Elite Entries: 1
Nathaniel’s Rod keeps evolving and has now been updated with working steering, opening doors and boot and still with decent detail levels too! Click here for more from Nathaniel!

Creator: Matthew Harned
Elite Entries: 1
Matthew’s large scale 4 seat convertible Hot Rod, with opening everything and a very nice engine, grants him a place here. Click here for more from Matthew!

Creator: Nick Barrett
Elite Entries: 2
Creator of superb old-school Technic Rods, they look like 1980s LEGO sets! All Nick’s vehicles, including his two Rods, are packed with brilliant Technic functions. Click here for more from Nick!

Creator: Michael Burris
Elite Entries: 1
Notes: ROTM Winner
Michael's awesome ROTM winning replica of the Red Baron earns him a place here in the Elite Members section of The Rod Club. Click here for more from Michael!

Creator: Ricky Comisso
Elite Entries: 1
Ricky earns his Elite status by uploading this wonderful Jakob Volvo Rod. Click here for more from Ricky!

Creator: Aadan Hughes
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner (x2), Moderator
Owner of lots of medium scale rods; the more he builds the better they get, like this excellent Salt Flat Racer. Click here for more from Aadan!

Creator: Joost Cumps
Elite Entries: 1
An old school Technic builder, who blends in more modern beams, has created this well stocked Technic Rod. Click here for more from Joost!

Creator: Austin Nomorinfo
Elite Entries: 2
Notes: ROTM Winner
Two elite entries; an unusual but brilliant '37 Chevy coupe pictured here and a stunning '30 Ford. Click here for more from Austin!

Creator: Rhys' Pieces
Elite Entries: 3
Notes: ROTM Winner (x2)
ROTM-winning builder with both his mini-scale and medium-scale Rods. Click here for more from Rhys!

Creator: Better Punch
Elite Entries: 1
Better Punch has made loads of Rods of all types, improving with each one. His latest scrapes into the Elite section, dark and menacing. Click here for more from Better!

Creator: Hot Rod
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner (x2), Moderator
A previous ROTM winner with his superb 'Rat Fink' cartoon Rod, and with several Elite entries in the Club too. Click here for more from Hot!

Creator: John Allanach
Elite Entries: 1
John becomes Elite member No. 42, entering first time with his first Rod, a brilliant Technic coupe. Click here for more from John!

Creator: Dead Box
Elite Entries: 2
Notes: ROTM Winner, Moderator
Dead has been working on his Rods from MOCpagers' feedback, improving with each new model. He now earns Elite status for his efforts. Click here for more from Dead!

Creator: Max Cad
Elite Entries: 1
Max has built one of the most classic looking Rods in the Club, about as Hot Rod as a Hot Rod can be. Click here for more from Max!

Creator: Vladimir R
Elite Entries: 1
Vladimir has built several small-scale Rods and now this medium-scale 'Red Menace' too. Click here for more from Vladimir!

Creator: Thomas Eckert
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner
Thomas has built some superb large scale Technic Rods, like this '32 Ford Pickup. Click here for more from Thomas!

Creator: Chris Melby
Elite Entries: 1
Notes: ROTM Winner
Chris' superb large scale pick-up 'California Soul' comes complete with stripy seats, big V8 and a sufboard!
Click here for more from Chris!

Creator: Senator Chinchilla
Elite Entries: 3+
Notes: ROTM Winner
A previous ROTM winner, the Senator has literally hundreds of vehicles of all sizes, including some brilliant Rods. Click here for more from Senator!

Creator: drdesignz
Elite Entries: 1
This brilliant 1:8 scale Hot Rod includes Power Functions remote control and one of the coolest engines we've ever seen. Click here for more from drdesignz!

Creator: Bing-Bong Brothers
Elite Entries: 1
'Santa's New Ride' is the name of this weird pick-up from the Brothers. We're not sure why, but we do like it. Click here for more from Bing and Bong!

Creator: Jon Elliott
Elite Entries: 1
Notes: ROTM Winner
Jon's old-school '32 Ford is big, yellow and full of lovely details. Click here for more from Jon!

How the Top 50 Rod Builders were chosen:

The builders featured in our Top 50 were active in the Club between 2008 and 2013. To qualify for entry their creations were required to be Model Team scale and upwards, 100% LEGO®, and above average MOCpages quality (both the build and the images).

Many builders joined The Rod Club solely with the aim of appearing in our Top 50 (then called the 'Elite' section). Some made it in, and some did not, but all have contributed to the Club's success.

The Top 50 is now closed, however all restrictions on creations have now been lifted; any Rod is welcome, big or small, to be added to the group pool. To add your own simply join and click the 'add' button.


Hot Rod: Custom car usually of '20-'40s origin using off-the-shelf parts. Often powered by a later flathead V8. Now usually built for aesthetic reasons, the culture that created them decades ago had the emphasis on speed.

Rat Rod: Subculture that grew out of the above. Cars usually have much less consistency in part-sourcing, and were often frowned upon by Hot Rodders. Built for 'Go' rather than 'Show', they are now becoming increasingly popular and therefore a 'Show' element is appearing; rods are sometimes deliberately made 'ratty'!

Strip/Drag Rod: Built for the purpose of 1/4 mile asphalt drag racing. Often only a plastic 'silhouette' of a real car.

Salt Flat Rod: See above, but raced on salt rather than asphalt. Bonneville, U.S is their spiritual home, where car can reach well over 200 mph.

ROTM: The Rod Of The Moment award, given to the single best Rod uploaded to the site at a given time.

SNOT: Studs Not On Top, creating a smooth look. Technically different from 'Studless'; where smooth plates are placed to cover studs, however this term now usually encompasses all smooth building techniques.

Fully Functioning: Vehicles with a complete drive-train/steering combination. (Engine and gearbox linked to the driven wheels via a differential, and connected steering either by H.O.G or steering wheel)

H.O.G: Hand of God steering; allowing the vehicle to be steered externally, often by a brick concealed as a spare tyre/flashing beacon.

PF: Power Functions; new-style Technic motors, which can be used remotely if attached to an IR receiver.


The Rod Club is on flickr too. Check it out here!

Check out our sister group, the V8 Club for all V8 powered MOCs!

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