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 Group admin 
Alright, here is the place where you tell us what your nation has. ^-^

List all things like navy, army, and air force. Be reasonable. Look at your comparative size with modern era nations that are a similar size and don't 'overdo' it with the numbers. We are watching. ;}

Be logical too, if you're a large collection of islands, you're going to have a larger navy and air force with a smaller army.

Economic impact.
Don't forget that the larger your army/military, the more money it takes with ammo, vehicles and other stuff. Large numbers sound impressive, but if you're not careful, those large numbers will be appearing in your national debt...

When you invade another country and finish it off be sure when you add the added civilians in to your stats put them under a seperate population. This way we know what countries you are controling.
For example
(Population)98 million
(country 1) 64 million
(country 2) 52 million

Also the stats for each catagory equall the total of the amount of vehicles that can be built by a nation, in that catagory (exluding ships). This means you can only build 60 tanks a week as an example. It wouldnt matter how many you types of tanks have.
This rule is to prevent someone from making 100 types of micro scale LDD tanks and getting
6000 tanks a week.

(Production chart)

Troops (wartime) 5,000 per 1 week

1 Week:
transport -cargo ships
large attack boats
Electric hybrid attack subs

2 Weeks:
Stealth ships (criusers destroyers)
Amphibius assault ships

3 Weeks:
Nuclear attack subs
battleships (if any)

Aircushion craft 6 per 1 week
satalites 1 per week
medium fortifications 1 per 3 weeks
large Fortifications 1 per 5 weeks

maximum caps ships
small attack boats 30 per week


4 generation fighters [40 per week]
4.5 generation fighters [30 per week]
5 generation fighters [20 per week]
ground attack aircraft [40 per week]

Heavy bomber, transport [15 per week]
stealth bomber [6 per week]
Drone bomber [20 per week]

transport heli [30 per week]
attack heli [35 per week]
support heli [40 per week]

surveillance, attack drone [50 per week]

Remember that drones should be smaller than there manned counterparts, as with with there weapon payloads.


Main battle tanks [50 per week]
Infantry fighting Vehicles [70 per week]
Armored carriers [60 per week]
other similar AFV [80 per week]

mobile artillery- howitzers [40 per week]
Mobile missile launchers [25 per week]
artillery- towable [60 per week]

Light armored vehicles [120 per week]
support vehicles [120 per week]
Technical [300 per week]

semi autonomous drones [150 per week]

After you make each creation you automaticaly get a jump start bunus, of an added half of the total number you can build but only once, wartime bonuses are similar but you get a half every week. Ships dont get this bonus.
An example: week one 90 APCs, week two 60, week three 60, week four wartime 90 again.

(for every nation annexed you get a 10% increase)

| November 21, 2012, 6:01 pm
 Group admin 
Federal Coalition of Cheyenne F.C.C.

Total population: 81 million
Original 81 million
Total military: 450,000 with reserves

Military Divisions
Federal division of the Army total 163,800

special operations forces
Commando Air Battalion (CAB)800 men
Black ops (dragons) 3000 men
Armored shock troopers 10,000 men

Standard fighting force sizes
20,000 division 8
5000 brigade 32
1000 regiment 160
200 battalion 800
40 platoon 4000

first week bonus's used.

140 Crossbow APC
185 Crossbow IFV
* crossbow MGS
* crossbow AA
75 Claymore battle tank
40 Claymore 2 battle tank
* Claymore 3 shock tank
5 Claymore AA
5 Claymore Mortar
335 Crusader drone
* Madusa drones
* Centurion IFV
240 Phalanx light armored vehicle
160 Hound ASV
100 Palidan mobile howitzer
150 gladius howitzers
50 Parthian Anti aircraft system
300 Parthian supply vehicle

Federal Division of the airforce 50,000
special operations force (none)

* Utherhawk 4rth gen VTOL fighter.
* Vengence tactical fighter 4.5 generation
* Archangle superiority 5 gen tactical fighter
* Phantom survailence- attack drone
20 Blacksword cargo aircraft
5 Blacksword AWACs
5 Blacksword GAWP
9 Templar Stealth bomber
* taranchula attack helicopter
* scorpion support helicopter

Federal Division of the navy 100,000

Fighting force (Paramariners)
Weapons are not biased to a single force, weapons are distributed fairly to both marine divisions from the main armies force. The same goes for naval aircraft from the airforce.

Fighting ships

3 Cherokee class transport
1 Liberty class command ship
2 Apache class stealth destroyer
3 Endevour class hybrid submarine
1 Vangaurd class nuclear attack sub
2 Tomahawk class stealth cruiser
2 Anchorage class Amphibius assault ship.
1 knightfall class super carrier

18 Prince Ferris class LCAC

* being worked on"
(i) imported from another nation
| November 22, 2012, 5:12 am

Population:88 million
T-104: 15 million
T-105: 30 million
T-106: 30 million
T-222: 23 million

Armed Forces: 805,000
Active: 700,000
Reserve: 105,000

Army: 201,250
Viper LAV:90
Jagdstuger V:90
Cavalier: 105

Airforce: 201,250
Banshee Fighter jet:45
Avenger UAV:35
Dirstoff UAV:40
Thames JU-21: 22

Navy: 201,250
Elipse Class battleship: 1
Jorgmungandr Class battleship: 1
Huntress Class Submarine*:1

Marines: 201,250
Morrowind Helicopter: 60
Goshawk attack helicopter: 52
Greyhound+variants: 90

* means i haven't posted it yet.
| November 22, 2012, 7:20 pm
 Group admin 
The Conglomerate

Population: 79 million
Original 79 million
Total military: 400,000 with reserves


1 Week:
20 Piranaha light hovercraft (40 by 12/2/12)
6 LCAC (12 by 12/2/12)
1 Profectus class cargo (2 by 12/2/12)
2 Redeo class Guided missile Cruiser (2 by 12/2/12)
1 Subjugare class amphibious transport dock (2 by 12/2/12)
1 Silentium class littoral combat ship (2 by 12/2/12)

2 Weeks:
1 Corporatus class Amphibious Assualt Ship (2 by 12/9/12)
1 Capitalis class destroyer (2 by 12/9/12)

3 Weeks:
1 Hammerhead class nuclear fast attack submarine by 12/16/12)
1 Orca class fast attack submarine (2 by 12/16/12)
1 Dominari class Assault Carrier (2 by 12/16/12)
1 Auctoritas class Supercarrier (2 by 12/16/12)


30 VTO-30 Albatross
30 Warmaster Gunships
5 Griffen Helicopter Gunships
40 NH-60 Sea Ravens

40 F-15E Reapers
20 NF-19 Hurricanes
10 ASF-14 SuperPhoenixs
5 F-21 Condors
15 SF-20 Wraiths

Ground Attack and Bombers:
6 SB-11 Ghost
5 SFB-20 Phantoms
20 Harpy Jump Jets
25 GA-15 Condors

Transports and Other:
15 T-150 cargo aircraft
20 Sparrow UAVs
30 Viper UAVs
7 SR-M3 reconnaissance aircraft

Ground forces:

IFVs and APCs:
70 Challenger IFVs
60 Striker ICV
40 Caiman IFVs
40 Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles

Tanks and Combat Vehicles:
50 M7 Daemon MBTs
60 ISP-47 Terminators
40 TOW Strikers
40 Mobile Gun Systems

40 Mortar Strikers
20 SH77BW Rapier Artillery Systems
20 Gargoyle Self-Propelled Howitzers
25 M217 MLRSs
60 HH-155 Heavy howitzers
30 SK931 "Fly Swatter" Self-Propelled AA Systems
30 SPAAG Defender AA Systems

150 assorted combat drones
150 HMMPVs
30 Medical HMMPVs
30 Communication HMMPV
30 TT-15 Heavy Transport Trucks
| November 22, 2012, 7:36 pm
Can I just put blanks for the names and then make names later?
| November 22, 2012, 8:55 pm
 Group admin 
Quoting My Name is Anonymous
Can I just put blanks for the names and then make names later?

If you mean for vehicles, than yes. For Wombat for example, call it a unnamed armored vehicle, or unnamed Humvee.
Can you be more specific?
| November 23, 2012, 8:40 am
Nationalistic Nexian Republic

Population: 30,000,000

Armed Forces: 5,000,000

SpecOps: 500

L35 "Crossfire" IFV: 105 +
L-35-1R: 37 +
L-35-1A: 60 +
T-96-7 "Black Knight" MBT: 75 +
T-56-7 "Horizont" LBT: 120 +
"Swordfish" Mk. I LTA: 90 +

AirCorps: 200,000

MAH-56 "Striker": 52 +
XF-131 "Skyfire": 30 +
X-34 "Dtake" UAV: 75 +
Swallow UAV: 75 +

SeaCorps: 100,000

"Avenger" LSPS: 2 +
U-90 Stuka submarine: 2 +

Border Fortifications

"Alpha" class BDS: 2 +

| November 23, 2012, 10:31 am
(Sorry Matt, I just copy pasted yours as a template :3 )
Costigar - Week 1

Population: 73 Million
174- 20 Million
163- 31 Million
164- 12 Million
162- 10 Million
Total military: A total of 400,000 (includes reserves)


1 Week:
1x Type 3M U-Boat
(Currently Building Smaller Ships)

2 Weeks:
HLCS "Spirit of Costigar" (Mosadi-Class Hybrid Cruiser)

3 Weeks:
HLCS "Boa" (Maiden-Class Carrier)


40 H-109 "Desert Heron" Utility/Support Helicopters
20 Type AG-9 Autogyro

60 CF-93 Starstreak

Ground Attack and Bombers:
50 FB-50 Tarantula Hawk Fighter/Bombers (But mostly bombers)
10 CHB-06 Backer Heavy Bombers

Transports and Other:
5 C-12 Cargo Aircraft
15 Firefly Trainers

-Ground forces-

IFVs and APCs:
90 CEV-1 Armored Personnel Carriers

Tanks and Combat Vehicles:
60 Type 59 Tanks
15 Type 58 Tank Destroyers

60 Type 57 Self Propelled Mortars
90 Type M15 Towable Gun Emplacements

Light Armored Vehicles:
120 TI-2 Armored Cars

| November 23, 2012, 2:06 pm
Country: New Nimbaso

Total Population: 67 million

Military Population: 375,000

--Ground Forces--

Infantry: 150,000 Infantry Soldiers
Special Ops: 1200 Soldiers
Officers (non-combat): 10,000

Wombat UT-LRV1: 220
Gator: 190


Officers: 7500


--Air Force--

HADTs(High Altitude Drop Troopers): 1500

Planes and Helicopters
Sparrowhawk: 50
Buzzard: 40
Falcon: 30


Field Doctors: 30,000
Officers: 2000

Wombat: 30
Falcon: 15
| November 23, 2012, 6:13 pm
Quoting P4perweight .
Your off. You need to have your creations posted to put them in the stats,list them specifically and it takes time to produce aircraft carriers, subs, and other large seacraft. I dont know if you have any posted, but it takes 3 weeks to make an aircraft carrier,1 week for destroyers, etc. Of course you get 1 to start. And your military is way too high. Less than 1% , for you maybe 400,000? Even that's a bit high. *

Ok so what should I do?
| November 23, 2012, 6:42 pm
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