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1 for 2 Updated today   Isaac AD  
1 for 2. Updated yesterday   The Northern Imperial AKA - Lord Bacca.  
Take a Look at my stuff and ill take a look at yours ! Updated Friday   Shock TNC  
1 for 4 Updated Friday   Scotty Jones  
Likes: 1 for 3 Updated Friday   Chouju_X [SPAM]  
1 like for 2 in return. Updated Wednesday   The Northern Imperial AKA - Lord Bacca.  
1 like for 2 in return. The Northern Imperial AKA - Lord Bacca.  
Transitional period? Traykar the swift  
1 for 2 Isaac AD  
1 Comment for 2 on yours Ron Dayes  
Likes for likes Sean B  
Comment on this and i'll do it for you! Caleb S.  
HELP me reach 100! and i help YOU Ron Dayes  
1 for two Isaac AD  
1 Comment For Two Isaac AD  
Looking for 3 more Builders!!! Dr. Merlock  
Shamesless Self Promotion A SwordFish  
Bionicle Fans: 2 for 2 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Co-Build Shock TNC  
Come view my stuff! Caleb S.  
Comment and like this please Caleb S.  
The brick awards Caleb S.  
supply drop Garett Smith  
1 for 2 iGreen .  
1 for 1 Caleb S.  
1like for 3likes Ketros M.o.S.  
2 for 3 Toa Nik Brusk  
Promote your groups here! Caleb S.  
3 for 4 Toa Nik Brusk  
2 for 4 Caleb M.  
1 for 2 iGreen .  
1 for 1 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 for 2 iGreen .  
Do this and I will do it for you Caleb S.  
Bionicle fans: 2 for 2 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
10 for 10 Caleb S.  
2 for 3 Caleb M.  
One for two Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 for 2 Caleb M.  
add me as a fav. and I will add you! Caleb S.  
Name change Caleb S.  
5 for 10. Caleb M.  
if I get ten people to add me as a fav... Caleb S.  
Question for admins Caleb S.  
1 for 2 iGreen .  
Help! Dr. Petrolhead  
2 for 5 Thomas .  
Not mine, but check this out Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
LDD creations. Lo var Lachland  
Any creations Caleb S.  
3 for 5 daily deal! Ron Dayes  
Two for two Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 for 3 Timothy Post  
MOCPages issue? Tomsche Murrath  
Battle of Coruscant: Invisible Hand vs. Venator - Please SUPPORT Krištof Pučejdl  
Comment on this and I will comment on two of yours Mitchell Long  
1 for 3 - CLICK HERE 4 COMMENTS!! Jack the Jedi  
One for two That Guy You Know  
One for 4 Deston Fire & Rescue  
One for three! Bumblebee 5253  
My first attempt on Lego Ideas Tomsche Murrath  
Thoughts? Asad .  
Three for Two Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Shameless self promotion A SwordFish  
Two for Two Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 for THREE like deal Deston Fire & Rescue  
Two for Four! Bumblebee 5253  
1 like for 2 likes deal Hayden .  
Some trouble generating likes/comments Brickhead Inge  
Nunchaku wielding MOCs? Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Hi guys King leonidas I  
One for Two Isaac AD  
Check out my new MOC! Bumblebee 5253  
1 for 3! Harry Gravett  
Group:#ANYTHING MRgstarx Hillier  
just see the first comment Deston Fire & Rescue  
British Fans Of Lego That guy you saw earlier  
2 of my Martial Arts Weapons for 2 of your MOCs Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
JUst figured something out! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO HELP ME! Wolverine ~  
Check out my project! Bumblebee 5253  
1 for 2, ends in a week!! Harry Gravett  
One for Two Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Like some of my MOCs! Wolverine ~  
Like this twice and I like 5 of yours! Jacob Pennington  
General Conversation Wolverine ~  
Check out my group! Bumblebee 5253  
Delivery truck Deston Fire & Rescue  
Boston logo Deston Fire & Rescue  
1 for 2 Commander Spencer  
15 likes Deston Fire & Rescue  
136 likes?? Deston Fire & Rescue  
Comment for a comment! Harry Gravett  
2 for 2 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 for 2 iGreen .  
2 for 5 Alexander Paschoaletto  
2 for 2 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
2 for 2 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 like for 2 Commander Bricks  
1like for 2 likes Ketros M.o.S.  
1 like for 2 likes deal Hayden .  
1 for 5 LegoJediMaster .  
1 for 5 LegoJediMaster .  
1 for 3 Commander Bricks  
1 for 2 Timothy .  
1 for 2 deal Commander Spencer  
Any Martial Art weapon wielding creations? Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Add me to ur fav's and I add you Reynolds .  
1 for 2 Timothy .  
1 Timothy .  
1for2 Commander Bricks  
1 like for 2 Commander Bricks  
1 for 2 of your Awesome Creations Mitchell Long  
1 for 2 comment what you think about this Timothy .  
Can u guys check these out LEGO MAN  
1 like for 2! Armon Russ  
1 for 2 iGreen .  
1 for 5 Chi Warrior  
2 likes for 5 Timothy .  
I want to get 100 i like its on this moc! Please help me! Flare .  
Some comment love for my EPIC Japanese castle Daniel Brilliant  
3 for 3 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 for 3 (Trying to hit 50+) Jack K  
Life for 3 LIKES Reynolds .  
1 for 4 Thomas of Tortuga  
One for Three Ian ...  
2 for 1! Matt W.  
5 Likes chain Caleb R.  
5 likes! Mr. Cab  
2 likes for 4 Commander Bricks  
6 For 1 Matt W.  
get two likes Commander Bricks  
A like for 2 likes iGreen .  
3 for 1 iGreen .  
1 for 3! Jack the Jedi  
2 for 1 Caleb R.  
For Bionicle Fans: 4 for 4 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
1 LIKE FOR 2 Armon Russ  
Comment on My MOC and I'll comment on 2 of yours +NEW MOC+ Reynolds .  
1 like for 2! Armon Russ  
PLEASE comment on my microscale mocs!  
Check out this ship and I'll comment on two of yours. Commander Bricks  
Help me out please Commander Bricks  
Need 4 comments? CLICK HERE!! Jack the Jedi  
Comment on my MOC, I'll comment on 2 of yours. Armon Russ  
A like for 2 likes iGreen .  
Like for a like +NEW+ Reynolds .  
Add me as a favorite and I'll comment on one of your creations of your choice and I'll add you as a favorite Tybalt Evans  
Comment 4 Comment Matt W.  
One for Two Ian ...  
Comment for 2 comments! Harry Gravett  
A like (or comment) for three! Infy, Bane of Iny's Banes (which are few)  
Like this and I will not only like one of yours but two Mitchell Long  
Need comments? Click here. Asad .  
1 for 2 Asad .  
Like this and I will not only Like one of yours, But two! Mitchell Long  
Like for a Like! The Bane of Bricks  
Like for a like Hayden .  
Like my latest MOC, and I'll like yours. Armon Russ  
2 for 2 Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Help! Matt W.  
Help with Picture lighting Andrew31kbrick193 ///  
Up to 8 for 8! Jack the Jedi  
Give 1 get 3 Caleb R.  
2 likes/comments, for 2 likes/comments! an amazing deal!  
Free Comments! Matt W.  
Check out all of my creations and add me as favourite and I will do the same to you! That Guy You Know  
Give 1 get 2 Caleb R.  
1 comment for 2 That Guy You Know  
2 likes & 2 comments for 1 comment! please get this to 50 josh White  
Get your most popular MOC...more popular. Tybalt Evans  
1 for 2! Jack the Jedi  
1 for 2 Jack the Jedi  
1 for 5!!! Jacob Pennington  
1 For 2!! Jack the Jedi  
1 for 3 Thomas of Tortuga  
get this to 50 likes! josh White  
If you comment on M.O. Round 2: Hershey Bars, I will comment on 4 of your creations! Matthew Oh  
3 for 5. Alexander Paschoaletto  
How to get comments while retaining self-respect LegoTrooper 101  
Need likes? CLICK HERE! Matt W.  
Comment Swap HERE! Matt W.  
Who needs comments? #5 Jeremy Shepherd  
Please can you join my AWESOME group Mitchell Long  
Comments 6 for 2!!!!! Matt W.  
Comment for a comment! (ends November 15!) Harry Gravett  
1 COMMENT for 6 LIKES Freeling ++  
1 for 4 josh White  
1 for 3 (up to five times!) Jack K  
can you get this over 20? some comments in return!! Sam the First  
1 For 2! Mitchell Long  
Give one get Two Jackson Williams  
Needs more comments!!! Matt W.  
1 for 3 (NEW) Freeling ++  
1 for 6 A. Sargent  
WH0 N33DS C0MM3NT5? Death Rebel  
1 COMMENT for 10 LIKES Asad .  
1 for 2 WhatsHisFace .  
1 for 5 Freeling ++  
1 for 6 A. Sargent  
Gimme some comments! Argo The Sword-Bearer  
just general advertising Sam the First  
2 comments for 4!! (Ends Octobe 31st!) Harry Gravett  
1 for 3 Asad .  
1 for 6 Freeling ++  
1 for 1 The Bane of Bricks  
sneak peview of my new castle Chris Bramley  
2 comments for 4! Harry Gravett  
1 for 5! (Ends October 10th) Freeling ++  
1 C for 10 L's A. Sargent  
2 for 6!!! Jacob Pennington  
tell me what to build! josh White  
2 comments for 10! Harry Gravett  
One for Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mitchell Long  
1 FOR 5 Stephen Boe  
1 for 2 Hawkflight _(Steven):  
three for ten! josh White  
Up to 10 for 5 Jack K  
2 for 6!! Stephen Boe  
General conversation
2 for 6!! Stephen Boe  
2 for 5 Commander Spencer  
2 for 4! Sam the First  
2 for 2! Sam the First  
A comment for 2 comments :D juan calle  
1 C for 5 C's A. Sargent  
1 Like for 2 ! Mitchell Long  
a 2 for 1 deal William Hosken  
Comment for 2 comments... and more... Hawkflight _(Steven):  
I'm number 1019. William Hosken  
Comment for 2 comments guys :D juan calle  
Hogwarts Group {JOG} Josh O.  
comment for 2 comments jimi laaksonen  
A comment for a 2 comments juan calle  
Comment on this and I will comment on 3 of yours Brickcity 101  
Comment for 2 comments Hawkflight _(Steven):  
comment on this and i will comment on 3 of yours Spencer A  
Comment for 2 comments!! Harry Gravett  
Check out my creations I will check out yours!!!!!!!! That Guy You Know  
Please comment! I will comment on 5 of your MOCs Commander Starblaster  
1 for 5 A. Sargent  
comment and like this and i will do the same for 2 of yours Michelle N  
please comment on this! I will comment on 5 of your mocs! Seamus M. (B-day March 18th)  
Comment for a Comment! {JOG} Josh O.  
Comments for comments; get me on the homepage Zach Eli "Sierra" Sykes  
Get Your Creations Noticed and Liked NEW GROUP {JOG} Josh O.  
Hi guys, new to the group! Chris Bramley  
Comment on Highway 10 Update and I comment 3 creations your choice! City Creator  
my group got hacked! Lo var Lachland  
Join this group and I will give you 8 comments!  
Comment on this and I will do the same for you! Chris E.  
Endless Story #1 Primus Maximus  
Star Wars Olympics {JOG} Josh O.  
Creating lego Macbook case. Khoi Nguyen  
Please look at my Apple iMac G4 Khoi Nguyen  
Comment on Desolation and I'll comment on 6 of your MOCS. Freeling ++  
Movies/TV Tristan Davis  
One for three! City Creator  
One Direction Death Rebel  
Any band geeks? :P Will A.  
Decal Requests! Rj 777  
My contest (please join) Seamus M. (B-day March 18th)  
My Real MocPages name City Creator  
Who wants to be a part of a story? Figgy TheFigster  
New to MOCpages and added my first build Bill P  
Let's beat the help group? City Creator  
If you comment on Interchange A I will comment on 3 creations of your choice City Creator  
Comment on Interchange A or B and I will comment on 3 creations of your choice... City Creator  
Comment on meteor impact and I'll comment on 4 creations of your choice. Freeling ++  
Comment on Imprisoned and I'll comment on 3 MOCs of your choice Freeling ++  
Creating a 3D LEGO Game BobaFett 2  
Comment on my arathon's castle I'll comments on three of your creations Jackson Williams  
Comment on my Attack on Marastios-Renu. And I will come on 4 of your creations! Matthew Oh  
All DC Fans! Rj 777  
Who Needs Comments? #4 Myl3z .  
Who needs comments? #3 Zack .  
YouTube! Commander Spencer  
The group for everyone LEGO Ninja  
All YFOLs! Sir Builds A Lot  
HALO Assault carrier contest. Tron 117  
Demigod Adventures ~ Caleb ~  
If you like Bionicle Videos, Check out my youtube! WhatsHisFace .  
Could someone answer my question? J Cooper  
Idea on how to get comments Jojo and Dan  
Check out these builders! Zor Ember  
Can you check out my new series Dragon's End? Alexander Garcia  
Could you help? Justin M  
Comment on my Tuned Mazda RX-8 and I'll comment on three of your creations Fritz K .  
Join this contest and I'll comment on one of your creations Zor Ember  
Administrative Sean Kenney  
constructive suggestions only andros tempest  
Who needs comments? #2 Tybalt Evans  
AFOL only conversation andros tempest  
4 comments for 4 comments Zack .  
End to spamming!!!!! Will A.  
Comment On Mine and I'll Do the Same!  
Like for a like! Artifact 123  
Adventures of Olympus Mark Murphy  
Give a like, get a like Zack .  
Like mine, I'll like 2 of yours! Brixwhiz .  
Building advice topic Stef Mos  
If you like guns, check these out... Brixwhiz .  
Who needs comments? froylan juarez  
just talk about anything Distrukt99 .  
Add me as a favourite builder and I will give you 20 comments on each creation. Rj 777  
Comment on this and I'll add you as a fav! Zack .  
Youtube Airborne .  
Comment on this, I wil give you TWO of your choice Airborne .  
Comment trade Zack .  
Constructive Critism Indy Beetle  
tell me what I need to hear and i'll tell you what you need to hear Matthew Semmel  
Eye for an eye, like for a like? Artifact 123  
Like mine, I'll like 2 of yours! Brixwhiz .  
Favorite me and I will give you... lots of comments Rainrider .  
Please help this MOC get popular!  
Give two, get one Lego Builders  
add me as a fav you will get comments a lot and a lot like 5 a week and also join some of the groups that im a admin in and be very active  
add me as a fav  
Buy one get one free Airborne .  
A great deal!  
Contest Caleb Smith  
Comment on this and I'll comment on your most popular MOC!  
Give one get one! Sir Builds A Lot  
Favorite me and I'll favorite you back!  
Comment on 1 & get 3 back Lego Builders  
GoldenEye wii Reese Dietrich  
Please help! get a free (sorta) comment!!! Jack Chamberlain  
Comment On MC A1 Raptor & Get Two Comments Of Your Choice M2com McKinney  
Check Out This M2com McKinney  
get one comment 2  
Comment this creation get one back! Robin Longstride  
Just Wondering Indy Beetle  
Please help me get my group populer Justin M  
Comment on my Fordo and you will get 2 comments on the creation i want Deff .  
1000 chats Caleb S.  
lego green lantern casting call the ghost of mrs. Day studios  
get one comment  
for every comment you give me, ill give you two! Noah .  
Just need one more comment Stef Mos  
Halo Funnies Indy Beetle  
Improved promoting topic Stef Mos  
Lego Ripped Off My Design!!!! _ Dinos4Ever _  
I just want help getting comments  
Comment on 1 get a comment back  
need help with getting to the public with my mocs Alexander Garcia  
comment on one of my get a comment back Alexander Garcia  
someone please help get out to the public Alexander Garcia  
need comments Alexander Garcia  
Guns Galore! Airborne .  
I Trade Comments! Indy Beetle  
Comment 2 Bumblebee 5253  
Give a comment, then recieve one! Airborne .  
Comment on my creation get one back! Robin Longstride  
Comment Bumblebee 5253  
Halo Indy Beetle  
Get Noticed Here 3  
If anyone wants to sign up on my creation you can  
Show all of your creations!!! froylan juarez  
WWII Dudes/Dudettes Airborne .  
Call of Duty Wii Airborne .  
Something For Newer Builders  
I Trade Comments! Indy Beetle  
Get Noticed Here 2 Condor .  
join ma' alpha car group! ***thewindghost10 ***  
New castle group a1de N  
Check it out! Brickster ~  
Desperate Shadow Master X  
Fav for Fav.  
2 for 1 Clay    
I'm outta here! Shadow Master X  
my name is haxs.... jmmy avila  
I TRADE COMMENTS Allarand Arcadia  
Modern Warfare Creations  
I trade comments too! Sgt. Squirrel  
wanna join my group The Fury Artist  
Comics Nufalak of Mythada  
Halo creations  
Fans of other stuff!!!???!? Aqua Marine  
M4 or AK? Dr. Madd Hatter.  
RC tank sneek peek  
WWII creations  
Hey fellow builders xD Dr. Madd Hatter.  
PLZZZZZZ comment on this!!!!!!!!!! Lucas Wyatt  
Halo 3 Frigate-Forward Unto Dawn  
Comment on this Please! Noah .  
Star Tours Condor .  
i just got 102 comments zack the lego maniac  
<<<<<VOTING WILL CLOSE 11-26-09>>>>> Benjamin "Hawki007"  
comment trading anyone Noah .  
will you comment on some of my mocs zack the lego maniac  
My Newest, Biggest, project ever! Mike P  
Going for 30 :)s King Borether  
Please comment on this: Brickdoctor -  
Get Noticed Here! Mike P  
Uploading problems! Please help me! Andrew Somers  
18 More Comments! Condor .  
COMMENT 4 COMMENT Benjamin "Hawki007"  
Check This Out Please! Condor .  
COMMENTS Benjamin "Hawki007"  
Does everyone love Star Wars Farhan Salman  
PLEASE comment on my microscale mocs!  
1300!!! creation!! Colonel Schmeisser .  
1300!!! creation!! Colonel Schmeisser .  
1300!!!!! member!!! Colonel Schmeisser .  
1300!!!!! member!!! Colonel Schmeisser .  
microscale UT-AT  
HELLO!!! :D Super Kaiser Pharaoh  
Comment on my stuff! Chris .  
I NEED HELP!!! Benjamin "Hawki007"  
Omaha Beach VERSION 3!! Milan CMadge  
Welcome!!! Mike P  
New Pics of LEGOVILLE! Mike P  
student teen kid toy play lego child video game hobby blocks construction toy legos fun games

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