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IMS-BT-003 "B-Type mk III 'Apocalypse'"
The successor to the B-Type mk II. It took the cockpit design and expanded on it, creating a frame and body design that was virtually completely made from technic girders. The resulting mecha was nearly impossible to break (even if it fell off my dresser).
About this creation
IMS-BT-003 “Apocalypse” B-Type Mk III

Shortly after the defeat and near-total destruction of Unit 912’s fleet, High Command issued an extermination directive against the Ancient Remnant. Following the apparent success of that mission, High Command pronounced the B-Type Project a failure and shut it down. However, this move turned out to be premature on the part of High Command. Not only had the Ancient Remnant survived the extermination order, but they had gained new allies following the liberation of the Targon system and its mecha foundries. The Remnant/Targon alliance, now calling themselves the Void Resistance had repulsed Neo-Void forces from the Targon system, and were currently enjoying repeated victories all over the sector.

However, the Ancients were not the only ones who had survived.

Unit 912 had been saved by Imperial medical science, but only just barely. Driven nearly insane by his failures and entrapped by the life support machines holding his shattered body together, his thoughts were turned solely to revenge against the Ancients. He might have languished forever in an intensive care facility if not for the intervention of the same mysterious benefactor that had originally funded the B-Type Project.

Revealing himself as the Dark Lord Agreal of Mars, one of the Imperial Inner Circle, he offered Unit 912 the opportunity to take his revenge. Agreal brought 912 up to speed on the events of the past year, explaining that the B-Type Project had not been halted as had been believed by High Command. The Dark Lord had taken personal control of the operation, using the remains of the B-Type mk II to construct an even more powerful unit, the “Apocalypse” B-Type mk III.

The developers had taken the recovered cockpit module and single remaining XMS-8332 “Doom Cannon” nanomachine blaster and used them as the basis for a revolutionary new frame design. The cockpit of the B-Type mk II had been a nearly indestructible exoskeletal design. The developers of the mk III had expanded this concept to the entire structure of the mecha. In addition, the structure was made of a new ditanium crystal lattice type of material created as a result of intelligence gathered from ongoing espionage operations against the Void Resistance. The ditanium crystal lattice material was extremely dense, but extremely light. In addition it had energy absorption properties that made it resistant to energy weapons. The result was a near-indestructible outer and inner structure.

Even more so than its predecessor, the mk III was enormous, nearly on a par with the old IMS-MID-007 “Terror” mecha. Its awesome size was necessary to incorporate its new, high output, gravitic power plant and defensive and offensive armament. In addition to its already impressive armor, the mecha sported an improved version of the directed energy shields that had been equipped on the mk II’s forearms.

The mk III’s armament was what ultimately set it far apart from its predecessor, however. For melee combat, the “Apocalypse” was outfitted with two shoulder mounted powered claws capable of shredding an enemy machine on impact. The claws were mounted on an extendable frame that allowed the mk III to make lightning melee strikes at a short range. Mounted on each claw were two additional electromagnetic piledrivers that would pulverize anything the claw failed to destroy. The mk III could also wield the claw weapons directly with an extendable handle. Each claw when it was not deployed would function as additional arm protection.

For ranged combat, the mk III had a plasma cannon mounted in each extendable powered claw. The XMS-8332 “Doom Cannon” nanomachine blaster from the mk II was reworked into a hand carried rifle that drew its power directly from the mecha’s reactor. While not as powerful as the mk II’s twin mount, it was still almost 100% fatal on even a near miss.

The B-Type mk III’s most powerful weapon was its backpack mounted remote weapons system. The system consisted of a detachable ovoid framework that fit on the back of the mecha, along with numerous vernier thrusters to increase the unit’s mobility. Along with the verniers were 12 docking/charging sockets designed specifically to accommodate the 12 remote heavy beam cannons that the system was outfitted with. The remote cannons could be detached from the frame, manoeuvered, and fired remoted by psychic prompts sent through the pilot of the mk III. The system allowed a single machine to fight with all the firepower and manoeuverability of a group of mecha, but with far greater coordination than any squad could ever hope to achieve. In addition, when the cannons were not in remote use, they could be pivoted and aimed in their recharge sockets and fired in nearly any direction.

Such a system had been attempted before, without success in the IMS-MID-006 “Cataclysm”. However, the system was never implemented due to the fact that there was a lack of a compact power source available that could support such weaponry. The idea was shelved until the “Apocalypse‘s” immense size and available power made the system viable once more.

However, the true power of the system came from the neural net control system that was installed in place of the standard manual controls on the mk III. The system allowed a pilot with sufficient psychic ability to control the entire machine with just their thoughts, vastly speeding up the reaction time of the mk III. In this case, Unit 912’s crippled condition proved to be a boon, as his life support equipment was jacked directly into the system, allowing him to control the mk III as if it were his own body. Though his body had been shattered, Agreal recognized that 912’s psychic powers remained more powerful than ever, fuelled by a desire for revenge. These factors, when coupled with the ability of the remote weapons to confuse, overwhelm and destroy enemies from almost any range, would make the mk III an almost unstoppable force.

The B-Type mk III first saw combat during the latter stages of what the Void Resistance was calling their “Planetary Overthrow Campaign”. As the name implied, the objective of the campaign was to insert covert forces on various key worlds and intitiate rebellion on those planets, ideally resulting in the destruction/repulsion of all Neo-Void forces in the area. The Void-Resistance would then recruit the planet and its resources over to its own use. The plan was enjoying a large degree of success, due, in no small part, to the deployment of the enemy’s new mass produced mecha, the VRMS-MT-001 “M-Type” series.

However, Imperial intelligence had established that the campaign may have been a camouflage for a secret development project proceeding at VRMS. There were rumors of a new generation mecha being developed there that could outperform anything currently being fielded. Agreal dispatched Unit 912 to investigate these claims, and, if possible disrupt the project and/or capture the new unit. If this was not possible, then Unit 912 was to annihilate the facility and any enemy forces present to remove any evidence.

Taking his faithful lieutenant Foresta Orbile and her stolen R-Type mk I with him, 912 observed the development project for nearly a month, but was unable to determine the nature of the operation. At last, Orbile lost patience and began a series of assaults on the production facility, but was repulsed each time. At length, her assaults concluded in her own demise as she faced off against a much newer and more advanced M-Type mk I in her R-Type and was easily defeated.

Seeing the demise of his steadfast subordinate unleashed a berserk rage in Unit 912. He attacked the M-Type that had defeated Orbile and heavily damaged it. He was about to finish the unit off but failed due to the last-minute deployment and intervention of the secret unit, the VRMS-WT-003 W-Type mk III. What should have been an easy victory for the B-Type mk III turned into a confused rout as the W-Type activated remote weapons of its own, and guided by its powerful, unknown psychic pilot, proceeded to easily overwhelm the B-Type’s own remote armament. The only thing that saved the B-Type against the enemy’s initial onslaught was its incredible durability.

What followed for the next month was a near-continuous series of duels between the “Apocalypse” and the W-Type mk III. Ultimately though, the giant mecha fell to the superior manoeuverability and skills of the enemy pilot. However, even though the B-Type series had failed, Agreal was not displeased because the enemy had finally tipped their hand early and revealed the nature of their secret project.

Only one B-Type mk III was ever produced. Following its destruction, the B-Type Project was permanently shut down by Agreal himself and its assets turned over to IMS for research and development.

Technical Details




Max Speed (sublight):
Max Speed (supralight):
Max Speed (running):
Max Range:


Defensive Systems:

Offensive Systems:


Front view. Note that the rifle is actually one of the B-Type mk II's shoulder weapons that was converted for hand use.

Side View

Rear View

The weapons on the unit's backpack can fire in all directions while still attached to the main body.

Backpack weapons firing forward

Backpack weapons firing aft

Backpack weapons firing aft

The design of the mk III was heavily influenced by both the Gundam Nataku from Gundam Wing and the Legend Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny

For melee combat, the unit has two extendable claw weapons mounted on the shoulders.

Claw weapons extended

Claw weapons extended

The claw weapons allow the unit to make devastating melee attacks at range

Attacking with claw weapons


  July 22, 2010
Its gonna be destroy mode
 I made it 
  July 22, 2010
Quoting Marcus Jackson Or maybe, the unicorn gundam...
Someone has already done that one--at least in normal mode. Not destroy mode yet.
 I like it 
  July 22, 2010
Or maybe, the unicorn gundam...
 I made it 
  July 20, 2010
Quoting Marcus Jackson Pretty cool backstory. The mech looks very sturdy and thehead is cool. I haven't posted in months, so the next thing up will be my shenlong (nataku) gundam
I look forward to it.
 I like it 
  July 19, 2010
Pretty cool backstory. The mech looks very sturdy and thehead is cool. I haven't posted in months, so the next thing up will be my shenlong (nataku) gundam
 I like it 
  March 5, 2010
The Exoforce barrels really spread out its width and make it look bigger and more intimidating. Very good job; 5/5.
 I like it 
  August 22, 2009
I thought I commented on this one, but guess not! Anyway, I like the look of your black mechas like this one. Also, the spider leg/wing thingies are a genious idea! I'm almost done with my new mech using the Exoforce frame. Should be done in a couple days:)
 I like it 
  August 20, 2009
HOLY ***** *** **** ***** *****!!!! AMAZING!!!! seriously, i cant build a proper mech with normal legos!
 I like it 
  August 19, 2009
epic win, great use of technic parts! using them successfully is really tough.
 I like it 
  August 19, 2009
What a nightmare! Wicked cool.
 I like it 
  August 19, 2009
Now that looks like a black vertion of the Provedence.
By Mithryl Altaire
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop IMS-BT-003 "B-Type mk III 'Apocalypse'"Mecha

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