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The U.M.R.C. project: S2 Ep.11
The Mysterions come in HD now. And if you're crazy not following the order read episode 6 before this.
About this creation
Time has gone. The UMRC worked much on the decoding of last found mysterion weapon systems to support earth alliance ships. Meanwhile, there was no further trace of the cube fleet. President Clarkson decided not to inform the U.F.O.lien empire about the last happenings but announced unliked social reforms to pay his urealistic military plans. So the citizen’s mood became worse and the presidential election brought a time of change. With a majority of 51% Michael Abdullah Obama became president of Earth in 3000. But can hope be enough to change a galaxy on the edge of self-destruction? Open bills are still waiting to be paid...

President Obama: “...and that’s why we need a legality for prostitution, but that’s not our topic today. Since the Mysterion fleet disappeared, people wonder how we would react on further encounters. Can we assume, that a few improvements of our ships are enough for defence? Do we need a defence, i say, this planet had enough wars. But from all points of view the question must be: How can we react on alien cultures, we don’t know? And that’s why we need to understand them. That means communication and diplomacy where it’s possible and research where we need. The governmental sub-department of earth defence, the Universal Mysterion Research Center is our only hope for a peaceful co-existence with the Mysterions. So, it shouldn’t be lead by military administration. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome miss Olivia Johnson and captain Josh Carnway!”

President Obama: “With this day, you’re reengaged as members of the UMRC. Olivia Johnson, you founded the center as independent organisation, so you’re the most experienced boss this team can have. And Josh Carnway will lead future space missions. For that i ordered the earth orbital shipyard to build a new science ship which will be only under command of the UMRC. We all heard about your exploits, so i think you are the best captain in Mysterion related affaires. Congratulations.”

Applause. But not everybody in the audience is happy.
John Gilbert Clarkson: “Grrr...”
Not-so-unknown alien commander whispering to himself: “A hero? Josh Carnway, you aren’t a hero. Taste the aplause as long as you can. But don’t think i’d be done with you...”

Some days later, at the UMR-Center, everything seems to be normal...

Olivia Johnson: “Good to be back in the old team. Let’s talk about buisness now. Mr. Carnway, Calak, i have a job for you. The mining ship L.M.S. Explorer contacted us. They started a mining operation on an unexplored dead planet in the Vasarius system. Please activate the screen. Mr.LaGros...”

Frank LaGros:“Originally, they searched for new sources of energy crystals until a series of unexpected earthquakes interrupted the expedition two weeks ago. Before, the planet seemed safe of vulcanic activity. A level-3 scan detected a small object, which must be the origin of the earthquakes. Similiar happenings are recorded from other planets before, but the object has never been seen. We assume it’s a Mysterion. Object 544. Your mission is to find and catch it. We must force it to leave the planet or the whole mining operation is over. A big loss of money and resources, you understand.”

Olivia Johnson: “The E.A.S. Idiocrazy will escort a 3-men team to Vasarius II. The Rock Raiders don’t want too many people annoying their work but offer an own team cooperating for the mission.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Ok. I’ll take Calak and someone third, then starting today.”
The chief: “If i can propose myself. I would like to come with you. The Explorer is my old ship, i still know many of them and i’m experienced in underground missions. It would be a nice change to office work here.”
Carnway nods.

What nobody knows, someone is listening with a spydevice outside the UMRC area.
Alien Commander: “A dead planet? That’s surely the best place for us, Carnway. I’ll await you.”

After a long travel...

Earth alliance commander: “E.A.S. Idiocrazy here, We enter orbit of Vasarius II. Explorer, prepare for a shuttle, we have guests for you.”

On the Explorer’s hangar bay...

Cpt. Alan Gibson: “Chief!! Didn’t expect you here. Nice to see an old friend. And you must be Carnway, right? Well, we don’t have time to waste. This is Docs, he’ll assist you down there.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Is the Mysterion encounter proven?”
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “At least it’s a symetrical object of just a few meters travelling through hardest stone. According to its power it must be Mysterion technology. Actually it’s near our expedition team.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Ok. You have a beamer i heard? I go down, Calak and Chief stay here to keep an overview from your bridge.”

The chief: “Docs! It must be years we didn’t see. How are Alex, Jet and the others?”
Docs: “Err,... Much has changed. Alex and Jet married and left the team. Sparks and Bandit were hired by the Megalodus company. We have many new men now.”
The chief: “Oh. Yeah, time has gone. I hoped to meet some old friends but ok. Maybe i’m getting old, too.”


Docs: “Do you already have a plan how to catch the object?”
Captain Carnway:: “Nope. Are the guys good?”
Docs: “Sure. We're the best, i mean our company works since the late 21st century. That time we were known as the power miners. The Rock Raider Inc. has 5 of these ships but the Explorer has the best team. We should be there in a minute.”

A minute later...

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “And the buisness is bad?”
Giovanni: “Sure. Megalodus is stealing most operations and aside, the need for energy crystals decreases. Other energy resources are cheaper and easier to get. Especially Blacktron and Maox technology make us looking bad. Wait! Here’s where our scans detected the object last...”

Suddently, the ground is shaking.
Giovanni: “Another earthquake? But my scanner has no encounters.”
Docs: “That sounds like an explosion. Get out of here...”

Then, the earth beneath them breaks away...

Cpt. Josh Carnway looks up: “If help comes, they won’t find me before the oxygen is out. I need to find a way out of here.”

Two hours later...

The chief:"Why did you end the search?"
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “Docs is the only survivor, we found the other bodies all dead. There’s nothing down there and it’s too dangerous to dig further. The mission failed.”
The chief: “But Carnway wasn’t found. He could be still alive.”
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “The low oxygen rate would’ve killed him. Chief, the operation is under my command. We can’t waste time here. The Explorer will leave the planet and search a new resource. We have contracts...”
The chief: “NO! You can’t do that! I’m responsible for my team. I command you to keep searching!”
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “NO! There’s a hostile alien threatening my men. You’re not the commander of this ship anymore. It’s decided. You must accept my authority. Doesn’t matter if you’re still angry at me.”
The chief: “Why should i be angry, Alan? Because you let Carnway die? Or because you have my job, my crew, my ship and my wife now?”
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “We don’t talk about Carnway, right? You are here to command YOUR ship again. You want taking my authority, paying old bills on the risks of my men. I have no time for your ego!”

The chief:”That has nothing to do with this!”
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “IT HAS! You can’t analyse a situation logical. Planet M changed you. I was with you, you know. 3 years we had to survive in deep space on a dead planet. Over 60 Rock Raiders died in erruptions, earthquakes or eaten by Rock Monsters. You never was the same again. The company offered a therapy but you refused. That’s why you had nightmares, that’s why you started to drink, wasn’t able to command and made mistakes on your last missions, that’s why you forget yourself for alcohol, why you became agressive to your wife, that’s why Kathryn is married with me today!!”
The chief shouts: “I WON’T LEAVE ANY MAN BACK AGAIN!!!”
Cpt. Alan Gibson: “He’s dead, you know it....I’m glad that you got your life ordered again, i mean...just because we were friends. You have one hour, no further minute. If we don’t find him, i’ll skip this mission. Meanwhile, the whole Rock Raider crew is prepared for you. The ship is yours.”

Meanwhile, Cpt. Carnway is walking through the underground tunnels. Suddently, he’s listening something.

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Hello? Someone is there?!”
Alien Commander whispers: “Someone? You can’t even remember my voice? I didn’t expect that. But i’m glad that my bomb didn’t kill you. This is better. We both alone so i can do it personnally.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway turns around raising his hands:“Do what? Who are you?”
Alien Commander:“Is it so easy to forget your failures if everybody praises you for rescuing earth?”
Cpt. Josh Carnway:“Wait, you’re that alien pirate from Alpha Centauri A!”
Alien Commander:“And a pirate is nothing worth for you? You left me and my crew on that planet and gone away. Helpless. Just after, the Mysterions came, countless. First, they destroyed my ship so we can’t ran away, then they killed my whole crew. You and your ship left us for dead.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway:“Didn’t know. I’m not responsible for that!”
Alien Commander:“You are! You knew, there must be still people on the surface. I called you for help while you jumped into your shuttle. You knew the Mysterions would come when you ordered to leave the system.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway:“We had to hurry! The military commanded to fly to earth. We weren’t informed that a Mysterion fleet would attack. There was nothing to do for you.”
Alien Commander: “You could have informed your ships about us. Humans are more important than we, right? YOU KNOWINGLY LET 235 MEN BACK ON A PLANET TO BE SLAUGHTERED BY MYSTERIONS! And i will take revenge for them.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway:"Wait! Do you smell these hot gases, too?"

Just before the alien could fire his lasergun, a strong earthquake let them stumple.

Under massive eruptions a magma stream opens besides the wall.

Then, everything breaks down.

On last second, they fall on massive underground.

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “What? That must be object 544! It’s digging through the rocks!”
Alien Commander: “That doesn’t help you. Prepare to die!!”

A combat starts.

Then, another wall is cracked by the Mysterion.

Together, they end in a giant magma lake. Of course no reason to end the fight for life and death...

The Alien fires its gun but Carnway reacts fast enough. The Mysterion’s saw cut the alien’s arm away. Also, the weapon get lost. After a short painful scream he stand up again. Object 544 is swimming in the lava.

Alien Commander: “ERGH! My arm...You’ll pay for that. I don’t need to kill you, this is far better. I’m leaving you here alone, so you can await your painful end slowly. There’s a saying in my race: Revenge should be a meal, served grilled hot!”

Alien Commander takes a communicator device: “Is the stolen energy beamer prepared? Get my comm and bring me up! Live short and frightened, Josh Carnway! Hahaharr!”

Carnway’s end has come...

On the Explorer’s bridge...

Commander Calak: “Our time ends. We wasn’t able to find any caves where Carnway could has survived.”
Rock Raider Lieutenant: “But there’s a new earthqake. Not far away from our mining destination. It must be the Mysterion. The scans detect it in a magma filled chamber.”
The chief: “So it created new tunnels recently we didn’t know yet. LMS Explorer at Docs. We sent you new coordinates, try to get there. The magma lake must have a connection to your position.”
Docs: “Hover ship 1 here. We’re on the way!”

Slowly, object 544 is sinking into the lava. Everything is lost.

Docs: “Mr. Carnway! Your hands, please.”

Later on the L.M.S. explorer. Two men are relaxing after a stressful day and also think about their past, former mistakes and their results for the future.

Commander Calak: “You humans would say, i’m happy to see you alive captain, but that’s an emotional expression. I’m satisfied that you are rescued. The Mysterion isn’t destroyed, so it must be immune to high temperatures. Unfortunately, it escaped somewhere near the planets core. There’s no way to catch it for us. The mining operation isn’t safe, so the Explorer has to skip it. Oh, and the U.F.O.liens. We scanned the whole system but no vessel was found. Maybe they had a new kind of stealth technology in one of their ships.”
Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Mh...”
Commander Calak: “You know, you’re not responsible for the tragedy? There was no way to search for the pirates and you just followed orders.”

Cpt. Josh Carnway: “Sure. But he thinks different. At least i have to accept that i have a personnal enemy out there now. And he’s not done with me.”

Production notes:
-The longest and technical hardest episode i made so far. But it’s my favourite in this season. My special effects are getting better, some episodes more and Mr. Kelso could become my scholar ;)
-Next episode is planned in about a week but i still need one scene to build so i can't promise.
-Unimportant info: You girls and women disappointed me epicly again. My valentine's episode was made just to get some female readers but it has less views than every episode before. The conclusion: From now on i'll write male stuff again. ;)


 I like it 
  April 6, 2012
Hey Christian! I am super excited you used Megalodous in your series! I wasn't expecting it at all. This week I finally decided to read all of the episodes, or as many as I could, and am very pleased to see them mentioned in your creations! Love the series by the way!
 I like it 
  March 4, 2010
Nice episode, and excellent work!
 I made it 
  March 2, 2010
Quoting A Member Since December 7, 2007, Jake Parkinson By the way, this is a tad unrelated, but out of curiosity, how many UFO (with Helmet and Armor, not the android figs) Minifigs do you have?
Mh, about ten + amors from other sets, ther're 3 original bodies and 2 colours but i can combine them in different ways. My biggest group of classic space.
 I like it 
  March 2, 2010
By the way, this is a tad unrelated, but out of curiosity, how many UFO (with Helmet and Armor, not the android figs) Minifigs do you have?
 I made it 
  March 2, 2010
Quoting Mister Bones I missed something in a previous comic, why is Obummer still president?
He was senator all the time. Now he is president. The first scene is the last part of his first speech. I made this so quick to get Olivia and Carnway back but the politics will be still part of storyline.
  March 2, 2010
Ah, I see now. Sorry, knew I missed something.
 I like it 
  March 2, 2010
Very good episode. The editing must have taken ages. I missed something in a previous comic, why is Obummer still president?
 I like it 
  March 2, 2010
your best yet keep it up
 I like it 
  March 2, 2010
Another nice episode, great work!
By Christian Schlichting
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