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The U.M.R.C.project: S2 Ep.14
The Mysterions are coming!!!!
About this creation
18th June, 3000
A desperate emergency message is running through MAOX subspace network...
“Zssshhh.... Here’s Supreme Commander Gideon Fucci, Corpser’s flagship Anubis. This is an emergency call, contact with unknown species. Ther’re dozens of reptiloid intruders on my ship. Please sent support, we’re under attack!”

Somewhere thousands of lightyears behind, in a secret spionage center, two agents listen to the communication.

Alien #1: “Krill...”
Suddently, the computers shut down.
Alien #2: “The whole comm system is down. Something is blocking us.”
Alien #1: “Who? Nobody knows about this agency!”

Sirens start.
Station speaker: “RED ALERT! Message to all citizen! Hostile contact in range. All soldiers are ordered to the military hangar bays. The city is under attack.”


Olivia Johnson: “These are the only recordings reached earth alliance space. According to our last encounter we assume the Mysterion fleet up to several hundred objects. The U.F.O.lien space center Gaiarius III in the Hak’firi system was attacked without warnings and immediately.”
Chase: “Is the president sending support?”

Olivia Johnson: “We got the video files half hour ago, but unfortunately the battle is already over. The complete U.F.O. defence fleet, the spacestation and all its citizen were killed. The U.F.O.liens refused concrete information exchange so messages of further attacks aren’t confirmed. What we know, is that they’re sending all military for backstrike. Since today, 12 o’clock the U.F.O.lien starempire and the Mysterion fleet are at war.”

“The E.D.D. demanded for all information we can get. All top-secret messages will be straightly directed to this center. You’ll stop the running projects of your departments and focus on just this event. I want a complete list of identified objects, technology, tactics, their course, everything will go immediate into my office. At end of this day i want a specific strategy to defeat every single object you can see here prepared. The U.M.R.C. is no longer a science project. Time is not money, it’s count in lifes. To the work, guys.”

On an E.A. subspace communication relais station, different conversations are crossing each other.
Blacktron Guy: “Another attack confirmed in sector 3-2-0-8-3,9. The U.F.O.liens are outnumbered.”
E.A. Guy #1: “Correct please. 5 coordinates?”
Some Guy: “I want a pizza salami with mushrooms and extra cheese...”
Blacktron Guy: “Yes. That’s what was given. The U.F.O.liens seem to have an own system. Ask their external office for more information.”
Maox Guy #1: “You said it was a hydra? Why...”
E.A. Guy #1: “No, i can’t. We’re not connected. The U.F.O.liens called me a spy. We don’t get any official...”
Maox Guy #2: ”The Corpcers refused. They mentioned it was covered by something, unknown’s something different...”
Pizza Guy: “Pizza salami, ok, is coming in 20 minutes.”
E.A. Guy #2: “Here, too. No answer from Zordor. Ifrith is dead, too.”
Maox Guy #1: “ZSCHRuuumkkk!!!”
E.A.Guy #1: “HELLO? Dam, the half system has shut down.”

E.A. Guy #3: “Our channels are all down. We can’t get Ifrith, Zordor, not one single link into Maox network. And the U.F.O.liens are blocking or talking senseless things.”
E.A. Commander: “Get that right! We may have an invasion and no communication?”
E.A. Guy #3: “The earth alliance space is alright, again. That was just an overload. No encounters in our systems. We’re safe. We found out, that Gaiarius III was blocked just before the attack, maybe that happens on other battlefields, too. But i can’t say what’s happening at Maox. They must have own problems.”
E.A. Commander: “The Anubis was at border region, that’s not far from Krosah, Maox main communciation center. If it’s blocked or under attack it would explain the shut down. Call the U.F.O.liens again, i’ll inform the E.D.D..”

Connel McConnaghal: “What we can fix are 10 battlefields in U.F.O.lien sectors. The fleet has split. And there’s another happening in Maox space. A Corpcers ship was attacked.”
President Obama: “Mysterions?”
Connel McConnaghal: “I doubt it. It was talked about parasite reptile creatures. It seems to be something new.”
President Obama: “Call the I.S.C. ambassadors into my office. And clear that thing up. I want to know, what the hell is going on out there!”
Connel McConnaghal: “Exactly, sir. It seems, hell is breaking out in our part of the galaxy today...”

Meanwhile at the T.H.S.R. in Iowa...

Frank LaGros: “That are too many. How can we say, which objects are important and which not? Where should we start?”
Mark Devine: “Identifying. Wait, Meyer, stop. Dou you see that red thing? It looks a bit familiar...”
Carl Meyer: “I’ll start a database check. Here it is...”

“Object 699. We have found its debris.”
Frank LaGros: “It must be the missing part of our twinsterion, we only have one half in our storage hall. Whatever happened, its twin survived. And fortunately, we analyzed its weapon and shield systems yet. It shouldn’t be a threat anymore.”

Antonio DeRomantico: “Hello, sir. I’m searching for Olivia. I’m her new...”
Mortimer M.Bishop: “I know. She’s busy. Unexpected events are creating chaos here today.”
Antonio DeRomantico: “It’s top secret, right?”
Mortimer M.Bishop: “Yes. I can’t tell..”
Antonio DeRomantico: “Her husband was jealous i heard. But that’s ok for me. I like it. I mean, most ex-girlfriends were just interested in shopping and beauty. Olivia is different. She’s intelligent, interested in big things, she’s working for ideals, doing something very important, rescuing the world and stuff. That’s honorable. I never met someone like her. She’s something special.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “Yes, she is...”
Antonio DeRomantico: “Yeah.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “Good.”
Antonio DeRomantico: “Ok.”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “Well.”
Antonio DeRomantico: “Could you tell her, i was there, if you see her?”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “We’ll see. Sorry, but i have to go now.”

Mark Devine: “This looks interesting. Do you recognize the flat canopy?”

Carl Meyer: “Listed as 705. Its complete shape is made for minimal attack ground. No computer-driven weapon could target it. Definately a first strike usage.”
Mark Devine: “Mh. Seems the Mysterions experimented with Maox thinship technology, too.”

Carl Meyer: “Unfortunately, it hasn’t their disadvantage. It can fire into all directions at same time. The Scarab fighters had no chance to hit it.”

President Obama: “As you know, the diplomatic relationships between earth alliance and U.F.O.lien starempire were always cold during some centuries. We would help but we don’t get contact with their government. Also some systems are lost in our networks. We all know, that our colonies are threatened, too. So i’m asking for your support. Let’s talk openly: The Thyrendi merchant caravans and Blacktron smugglers are the only factions here allowed to cross U.F.O.lien space for trading. You have ships there,so you must have better information...”

Thyrendi Ambassador: “You should know, that Thyrendi are always loyal to their customers. What you’re asking for is spionage. If the U.F.O.liens don’t want to share their problems with you, they have a reason. Aside, we’re not interested to be involved in political affairs of this part of the galaxy. Even if all forces of Tarsis would fall, our noble race would never trait somebody, especially not for your earthlings.”
Blacktron Ambassador: “It’s a shame to think about us as smugglers. We’re merchants. Information is a worthful good. If you propose a price, earth would pay, i’ll talk with the consortium of Blacktronia.”

Frank LaGros: “Object 192. First encounter near an asteroid field in M-tron space, 15th may, 2223. A colony freighter watched it cutting parts out of some rocks.”
Mark Devine: “Although looking like a fighter, i would say, it’s using a simple industry laser. That’s not a military object. Zoom on the other one...”

Carl Meyer: “Object 704. Several blasters and, uhm...”
Mark Devine: “Too bad that we haven’t any scans. But this kind of frequence weapon is powerful. Mark it as bomber class. We should put it on the list of high dangerous crafts.”
Frank LaGros: “But even if we’ll find dozens of this, that can’t be enough to destruct a whole spacecenter. Do we have any recordings inside the city?”

Mortimer M.Bishop: “My team and i have ordered the objects involved in the attack of Gaiarius III. The curious thing is that we found crafts for all uses. Fighters, bombers, flying mechs, a couple of rare bigger ships but also a lot of low armored occasional civil objects. Not all fired on U.F.O. ships, some just circled the battlefield or crashed in suicidal behaviour into enemies. It seems that the Mysterions put everything they have into this fleet, useful or not. Also the targets of actual attacks don’t show any known war strategy. If we search for a systematic behaviour or plan, ther’re only 2 logical military situations, in which a civilisation would send such kind of units into battle. One is desperate defence, when untrained citizen take the weapons as militia...”
Olivia Johnson: “...but the Mysterions are the agressors here. What’s the second one?”
Mortimer M.Bishop: “BLITZKRIEG. The Mysterions are on a rush, but i can’t say for what. However, they don’t have the time to organise a senseful strike. I think, destroying the U.F.O.lien star empire is not their real intention.”
Olivia Johnson: “Hopefully mr. Obama succeeded to get exact coordinates of the current battles. Thank you. By the way, Morty, did Antonio call for me? I promised to share time with him but well...”
Mortimer M. Bishop: “ I didn’t seen or heard him today.”
Olivia’s phone blinks.
Olivia Johnson: “That’s mr. Devine. They call us to the T.H.S.R..”

Olivia Johnson: “So, any news?”
Frank LaGros: “Yes. We got new recordings from a Blacktron merchant ship. Or should we say, a spy ship? They had copies of the station’s interior security cams. We hoped to get a clear view on how the destruction happened.”
Olivia Johnson: “And? How many hits they needed? Did they succeeded to attack the fusion reactor?”
Mark Devine: “No. The Objects weren’t responsible. Gaiarius III was blown up after just one hit.”

Olivia Johnson: “WHAT?!”
Mark Devine: “These are the last few seconds recorded on board of the city. Then we found this...”

Olivia Johnson: “What’s that?”
Frank LaGros: “We have no clue but it must be big.”

A little later...

Olivia Johnson: “Everybody went home. You called for me?”
Chief: “It’s important. The latest data given by the Blacktron helped me to reconstruct the fleet’s course for the last year. It’s mostly linear. Since they’ve entered the U.F.O.lien sector, the Mysterions have split to attack several stations and colonies at same time. Most of the targets haven’t tactical meanings. But then i thought about the U.F.O.-fleets. They’re forced to leave their patrouil routes to defend these places.”

“What the Mysterions do, is creating a corridor through the original defence lines leading to sector 7-10-3. Maybe they want reach it undiscovered for something. And the best thing: There’s only one U.F.O. fleet left in this corridor, so i can mark the next target. A white dwarf called Azurith. There’s a small mining colony near that star as far as our secret service know.”
Olivia Johnson: “Finally we know something, our alienfriends don’t know. Good job.”

Unimportant stuff, nobody’s reading:
-First off, sorry for the long break. The final episodes are made and only postproduction missing. So await further ones soon. As you may noticed, we’re facing the big season finale and another long, long break.
-Sector terms aren’t final. I’ll edit some episodes when a final GGWU galaxy map is finished to correct some details.
-Episode was planned with a cool background music but youtube deleted it and i didn’t find an alternate. In General, music seems to work only in very small scene-part-comics i fear.
-Special guest appearance of object 42 by Kevin Walter
-This episode plays at same time as Gideon Fucci’s Desperation short story, so at begin of the Krill war, which will be main plot in Bernardo’s Depredation series, which comes very soon. All are playing in the same franchise, the GGWU.


 I like it 
  May 2, 2010
Nice episode, devastating battles! And a nice citation of the ThinShips :)
 I like it 
  May 1, 2010
Großartige Efekte, die eine tolle Atmosphäre schaffen!
 I made it 
  April 28, 2010
Quoting Mister Bones The bike in the first few shots really distracted me for some reason....a space....hmmmmm
It's a large spacecenter. You need a vehicle to reach every point without wasting days.
 I like it 
  April 28, 2010
Nice work again! Good story, some real nice editing work, good set designs. The bike in the first few shots really distracted me for some reason....a space....hmmmmm
 I like it 
  April 26, 2010
^_^ yay more! :D
 I like it 
  April 25, 2010
Wow, can't wait till the next one. :)
 I like it 
  April 25, 2010
One of your best so far... keep it up! Your audience wants more!
 I like it 
  April 25, 2010
the best yet can't wait till the finale
 I made it 
  April 24, 2010
Quoting A Member Since December 7, 2007, Jake Parkinson Wow, great effects, that station must've taken forever to build! Did you still have your scarab fighters, or did you just use photo-editing?
I make always many photos from different angles so i can use the parts again. What i have permanentely is the Bridge and minature ships.
 I like it 
  April 24, 2010
Wow, great effects, that station must've taken forever to build! Did you still have your scarab fighters, or did you just use photo-editing?
 I like it 
  April 24, 2010
Nice presentation, love the effects, and good story line
 I like it 
  April 24, 2010
Yusss! My Thyrendi were featured. Happiness is abundant. And what could these Mysterions be on the run from? I guess we'll find out next time...
 I like it 
  April 24, 2010
Awesome job, I love all the new ships!
By Christian Schlichting
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