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The U.M.R.C.project: S2 Ep.15
In time of war, people have to choose a side... Episode 15 of the Mysterion saga.
About this creation
With the new information, president Obama offered earth’s support. Just 2 days later, the U.F.O.lien government allowed a group of earth ambassadors to enter the Azurith-system, which just holded a first wave of Mysterion attacks. It’s the first official diplomacy mission for many years and nobody else than the U.M.R.C. team is sent to meet the mysterious alien faction...

Commander Calak: “Azurith is a low-populated mining colony, especially known for its rare volt-o-lyth stones. In 2230’s, Insectoids and U.F.O.liens disputed about colonisation rights. Both factions wanted as much of its resources as possible. 2239 the disagree was solved and since then, there’s only one colony left.”
Mark Devine: “So quick? Did they manage an agreement?”
Commander Calak: “Well, the U.F.O.liens sent a fleet and bombed the Insectoid base away. This race isn’t known for diplomatic solutions. Although we met them in the early 21st and sometimes in the 20th century, the connection to earth alliance was always very low. While the great war, the U.F.O.lien emperor signed a neutrality contract with the leaders of the coalition. Their small empire hasn’t grown much in the last few hundred years but after the war is over, they’re increasing their influence. Main goods are weapons, energy crystals and a great amount of psychotropic chemistry-products they’re selling to Blacktron smugglers or Tyrendi merchant caravans.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Regrettably, that’s all we know about them. Why do we need to help such a dangerous race?”
Olivia Johnson: “It’s a chance. Never before we got a possibility of a peaceful meeting. Their empire is well isolated and their culture completely different than ours. We’re not here to judge their way of life but to break the cold war. Expect to see unusual behaviour but be tolerant. The emperor fears all kind of spies, so president Obama thought, it would be a good idea to sent us as civil organisation for the visit. Keep in mind, we’re official ambassadors of earth alliance and here to help in all topics.”

Soon, the shuttle lands at the capital city, or let’s say in the planet’s only settlement deserving the term city.

Olivia Johnson: “Over there. That must be our greeting.”

3 Aliens examine the human group.
Shak’fee: “Olivia Johnson? I’m Shak’fee, 3rd consultant of the emperor’s high hall. Be welcome on Azurith. I have to insist that nobody walk without escort and no weapons here.”

Olivia Johnson: “Thank you. I have the authority to speak for the earth government. You understand, that we couldn’t sent any politican into war zone. These men are mr. Devine, our chief of techlabs, dr. Martin Koch, Captain Josh Carnway and his first commander Calak. They’re here to exchange their knowlegde with your departments.”
Shak’fee: “Dr. Ko’hol and Marihjaan, our commander for military operations. Ko’hol, show the human our medical station. We don’t have time to waste, a first attack happened yesterday and parts of the colony are destroyed.”
Dr. Martin Koch: “I’m honored to meet you, dr. Ko’hol. I heard you have many injured. The E.D.H. is willing to help.”

Shak’fee: “We lost more than 100 scarab fighters. But without your warning we would’ve lost many more. The emperor’s hall is not far away.”


U.F.O.lien agent: “Calling master 0, the earthlings arrived.”
Master 0: “Good. According to the agreement, their shuttle will unload medics and load equippment for the Mewton. Your mission is high important for the Starempire, agent. Can we trust in your skills?”

U.F.O.lien agent: “Ordering instructions.”
Master 0: “Terminal is loading a cargo list. You’ll exchange it with the original. That’s all. Over and out.”

U.F.O.lien agent: “Understand. Let’s see...”

Dr. Koch and his assistant Chase are visiting the hospital area.

Dr. Ko’hol: “What we need are weapons and medics. If earth agrees, my team would be glad to get the help. I know, my bosses prefer to refuse, but that’s normal. We’re a proud race, mostly warriors and adventurers. An U.F.O.lien wouldn’t ask for help. My intention is the health of these men. We need them to win this war.”
Dr.Koch: “We can’t offer weapons but medical support will be offered. Our shuttle is unloading a lot of antibiotica, but i can’t say if they’re helping. We don’t have clear facts about your biology. How many patients?”

Dr. Ko’hol: “200 light injured soldiers, 600 dead.”
Other doctor: “We lost his arm, sir. Euthanasia is needed for 50 other ones, too.”
Dr. Ko’hol: “Let me correct: 150 injured.”
Chase wonders: “And no emergency cases? Where are the heavy injured?”
Dr. Ko’hol: “We killed them.”
Dr. Koch: “WHAT? Why?”
Dr. Ko’hol: “An U.F.O.lien who can’t walk, having just one eye, one arm, whatever, he isn’t a ful usable warrior. He would be a weak part of a strong chain. His life is useless.”

Dr. Koch: “That can’t be your opinion. A retarded man can still be a worthful member of society. You’re killing people instead of amputation? That’s against the hippocratic oath!! You’re a med…”
Dr. Ko’hol: “Hippocrates was a human! Your morality don’t count here. The U.F.O.lien society would break if we start feeding retarded people. We only survived for so long because our soldiers are the fittest. Don’t intervent in U.F.O.lien culture. Bring me the poison. Sorry, Na’jak, you was a good fighter.”

Carnway and the others are escorted into the great hall.

Commander Calak: “Fascinating.”
Olivia Johnson: “I’m confused. I thought, we would meet some ambassadors of the emperor?”

Shak’fee activates the holotable: “He’s prepared.”
Emperor: “Welcome earthlings. I checked the information, the U.M.R.C. sent us. Worthful, indeed. Your offers are honorable, sure. But we can’t allow military ships to enter our space. We’re managing the Mysterion invasion on our own. Finally, i accept the offer for medical help and technical equippment. Tell your president, that what we need most are weapons. The Mysterions will fall under the power of the U.F.O.lien starempire.”
Cpt. Carnway: “Wait a moment. We didn’t come to write up commands. We want discussing...”

Not everybody is willing to start a cooperation...

The U.F.O.lien agent changes the protocol.
Worker #1: “These must be the last nanochips. Are we done?”
Worker #2: “I think yes, let’s take a last look on the cargo list...”

Worker #1: “Wait. One box is missing. A Z-Vk400 flux-compensator? What’s that?”
Worker #2: “Oh, there’s only one thing left at the hangar. It must the big blue box. Come, alone i can’t carry it.”

At same time...

Pilot #1: “Scarab 0-1. Mysterion Encounter in sector Z-6-5-4,7-0,9. We’re following 2 objects.”
Pilot #2: “Scarab 1-0, affirmed. We’re sending support. They’re not allowed to reach the settlement.”

Pilot #1: “Wait. There’s another ship heading the other direction. Scarab 0-1 calling foreign ship. Identify yourself...It doesn’t answer. Should i?”
Pilot #2: “Negative, i can see him. It’s one of us. Don’t waste time and come, the Mysterion strike must be defeated.”

Object 706 is landing directly in the hospital area. Scared people are running away...
Chase: “Doctor, go away!”

Olivia Johnson: “We’re here as friends. It’s not our intention to spy military details. But our ships are equipped with modern technology to detect and fight Mysterions. Maybe we could arrange a compromise. We want to help finding out, where the Mysterion’s destination is. Our ships could help to follow choosen objects and sharing information while your communication network is still damaged on larger areas. You’re loosing the war without us.”
Emperor: “Don’t offend us. We’re fighting our wars alone. If your noble government isn’t willing to deliver weapons, leave us. We have nothing to discuss.”
Commander Marihjaan: “Emperor, the emergency alert was started. Mysterion encounter at hospital area. We should bring the visitors to the bunkers.”

Dr. Koch: “Ko’hol, Attention!”

A scarab attacks.

Suddently, object 706 leaves...

Cpt. Carnway: “We’re unprotected. Why do they attack the outer areas?”
Olivia Johnson: “Watch! That’s not one of your ships. It was a gamesmanship.”

Shak’fee looks up: “A Mysterion. Load the plasma launcher and shut it down!”
Olivia Johnson: “WAIT! I know that object. It’s a civil one. Let’s wait. Give me time to prevent an agressive behaviour.”

Olivia steps forward, while object 3 comes down slowly.
Olivia Johnson: “I knew, you would appear sooner or later. I’ve seen you on the recordings of Gaiarius III. We’re knowing each other. I can remember you, do you remember me, too?”

The object is scanning her eyes, Olivia stands moveless.
Commander Marihjaan: “What is she doing? Keep the artillery prepared. Don’t fire without my command!”
Olivia Johnson: “34 years, New Jersey, earth. You left my brother Jimmy heavy injured. I’ll never forget. Come on, remember me!”

Unnoticed by the others, a small subspace emitter reaches the object, then suddently, it leaves orbit and disappears.

Lt. LeGonze: “Did you see that, Vega? Perfect shoot.”
Lt.Vega: “Ok, ok, you’re the best. Mission completed. The U.F.O.liens didn’t notice.”

Hours later on board of the L.S.S. Mewton...

Lt.Vega: “We succeded and have a clear signal. With the emitter we can follow the exact position of object 3. This object is not involved in any battles, so it will follow its original mission. This way, we’ll find out the real Mysterion destination.”
Mark Devine: “It won’t be easy to get ships into U.F.O.lien space unseen after the cooperation has failed but we’re one step further.”
Olivia Johnson: “For what price? We were once a group for sharing knowlegde, now we’re politicans. Obama promised changes, but what’s different now to Clarkson’s way of lying and mistrust? We came as friends. This was our first chance of an honest peaceful relation with the U.F.O.liens for centuries and we traited them from the beginning.”
Commander Calak: “As you said, it’s all about politics. We aren’t friends and the U.F.O.liens don’t want some. Lying is diplomacy. Sharing as much as help the own side. This is what diplomatic relationships are about. And it was the right decission.”

Mark Devine: “Who cares? I mean, the U.F.O.liens aren’t good people. We shouldn’t ally with them. And i’m sure, when this crisis is over, the U.M.R.C. will became private again as Obama promised.”
Olivia Johnson turns around strange looking: “I know, gentlemen. It’s all against my ideals but the worst thing is, that i KNOW that it was right. The U.F.O.liens would take their revenge immediate, destroying the fleet and all traces. But we have to find out, what the intention of the Mysterions really is to prevent future invasions. We have to before them, although we risk to loose all trust. Our own security is in danger and other’s problems have to stay back. It’s a shame. Maybe mankind forgets so easily. Over one hundred years of peace made us naive and arrogant. We should recognize, that althought the coalition isn’t here anymore, there’s still a war out there. And the day will come, when earth has to choose a side.”

Shak’fee: “Honored emperor, do you really think, it was a good idea to trust the earthlings? I mean, we should be more careful...”
Emperor: “Do you underestimate your wise emperor? Do you think, i would be so naive? I never trusted the earthlings, we can’t. They’re only thinking about theirselves. The Coalition of planets teached us to mistrust long enough. Most likely they got an emitter on one of the objects. They’ll send ships to find the Mysterions before us. I plan to let them continue. All we have to do is following the L.S.S. Mewton. Where the Mysterions go, Captain Carnway will go, too.”

Shak’fee: “Excuse me. You’re a wise leader, master 0. But while the attacks are still going we don’t have any warships with stealth technology or experienced commanders left for such a mission.”

Emperor: “Don’t worry. I’ve already found the right man for this mission…”

Unimportant facts nobody wants to read:
-As promised, everything’s coming together. If you don’t understand what’s going on, read the series again. Only 2 episodes left for the big season finale.


 I like it 
  April 8, 2011
Argh! I've been missing the last 3 eps! I'll be back!
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
tristan neal
  May 13, 2010
Whoa.These comics are great.I am stunned by its awesomeness!
 I like it 
  May 12, 2010
I seem to have missed some episodes! This one is great, good set designs and the storyline is flowing along nicely.
 I like it 
  May 5, 2010
Nice, looks good!
 I like it 
  May 3, 2010
Very nice... Is that foreshadowing of the COP I see in there? I mean, I did send a ship back after that Mysterion encounter thing in episode... 12, was it? Hmmm....
 I like it 
  May 2, 2010
Some info about the UFO really adds flavor here, and the details throughout this comic are amazing; I noticed few gramaar issues. Great work!
 I like it 
  May 2, 2010
Another intense episode! Nice names you gave the aliens, very... Predator-like. Good job!
By Christian Schlichting
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Added May 2, 2010

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