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The U.M.R.C.project: S3 Ep.22
After the L.S.S. Mewton failed in finding new traces of the Mysterion fleet or the planet of death, the crew enjoys some free time before the next mission begins…
About this creation

Lt.Vega: “DABOO!!! I’ve beaten you again, friend. Aren’t you concentrated?”
Lt.LeGonze: “Grrr. I always think about Emma. We…we had trouble. She is pregnant and unfortunately I told her that i’ll continue the UMRC mission on the Mewton. She called me egoistic and fears I could die while she gets our baby alone.”
Lt. Vega: “Mh. Our mission won’t become less dangerous. The Krill are expanding their invasion and the Mysterions are hostile now. We could meet their fleet everyday. Your wife is right. The space is no place for a husband and father. On other side, you’re the navigator of the Mewton. And we need good men if we want to prevent an invasion by the mysterions.”
Lt.LeGonze: “YES! Calak needs me. What we’re doing IS important for the security of earth not mine alone. I do this for our child. Why can’t she understand that? She knows that I love her but the importance of this mission, too. Nevermind, she doesn’t talk to me anymore and from here I can’t connect civil networks from earth.”
Lt. Vega: “Why must love being so complicate with you humans? In my race our partner is choosen by a dns scan after the age of 12. With 30 we meet each other and marry. After the child is born, everything’s over. Easy.”
Lt.LeGonze: “30? But that means…”
Lt. Vega: “I’ll leave the UMRC in 2 years. Then my responsibility for my race has highest priority. And you’ll go to stay by Emma and your baby. Everything is going to change, that’s the only real constant in all star systems. All I hope is that we can keep a peaceful world to live for the next generation.”
Lt.LeGonze: “Hard times remember us to think about responsibility…and friendship. I’m proud to be your friend, Vega. Whatever will change our life.”
Lt.Vega: “And i’m happy to call a crazy stupid human my best friend. I’d miss you on this ship.”
Cpt. Calak: “BRIDGE HERE! All members of head staff on the bridge. We’ve just reached our destination. Possible enemy contact. Red alert!”

Cpt. Calak: “Captain’s log, march 25th 3001: The L.S.S. Mewton was called by the M-Tron colony Darius III, where a science department researches the biotopes of the planets oceans. 2 months ago, an aquanaut submarine got lost by undefined circumstances. Because evidences of Mysterion activities were found, the UMRC is called to join the research.”
Lt. Wu: “Captain. The sensors detect 3 ships in the orbit. A falcon war cruiser and a “krill’s fear”-class from N.E.O.S. The third one is a Coalition administration ship.”
Cpt.Calak: “Warships? So far from their territory? Shields up.”
Lt. Wu: “All ships have activated their weapons, we receive transmissions…”

C.O.P. transmission: “This is C.P.S. ZarmaKheddon. The coalition of planets orders you to leave immediately. The Mysterion object is property of the imperial research devision.”
N.E.O.S. transmission: “Leave this system or we’ll open the fire. The research on this planet will be done by the holy royal space force of Skaboor.”
Cpt.Calak: “Open a channel! Cpt. Calak from L.S.S. Mewton is speaking. Darius III is under control of M-tron government. Noone of you has the right to be here. If you start a battle in E.A. space, this will have diplomatic consequences by the Interstellar security council of the earth alliance. Think about your next actions.”

Lt.Vega: “The S.S.F. is locating Mysterion object 707 over the southern hemisphere of the planet. It’s sending subspace signals on several sequences repeating each 191.519 times before reprogramming. The signals are directed to the southern ocean.”
Cpt. Calak: “So it wants to contact something on the planet? Are the other ships noticing it?”
Lt.Wu: “The object leaves orbit. Sir, the coalition ship moves away. Also the N.E.O.S. are leaving their position…”

Lt.Wu: “They start to fire.”
N.E.O.S. transmission: “If we can’t have it, nobody will get it…”
Lt.Vega: “Sir, a subspace singularity is opened. The Mysterion vanishes…”
Lt. Wu: “The ships attack each other, they’ll be pulled into the singularity…They’re gone. The singularity is closed.”
Cpt. Calak: “Not our priority. Contact the Aquanaut institute.”


Aquanaut channel: “E.A. shuttle Vega-1 entering hangar 2. Official authorization given. Welcome in the aquanaut institute of Darius III. Please wait for Professor Nepton in bio-laboratory 5. And please DON’T touch ANYTHING!”

Professor Nepton: “Ah, welcome in Nepton’s garden! Hehe. This is our zoological research department. I’m the one who contacted Miss Johnson.”
Lt.LeGonze: “Greetings from her. I’m LeGonze and this is Vega, specialist for analysing and exobiology on the Mewton.”

Professor Nepton: “I heard, you got in trouble with coalition and skaboor. I’m glad that everything has gone without violence. Since worthful resources were found in the deep sea mountains, everybody thinks, he could claim this planet just because his space sector once contained it.”
Lt. LeGonze: “Border disputes are always steamed up by resources. This is M-tron space but unfortunately we’re far away from earth. Don’t worry, this time it seems, that the coalition was more interested in a Mysterion object. By the way, that’s why we’re here, right? Object 707?”
Professor Nepton: “Ehm,… no. I’m hearing from it the first time. Our mission is to research the planets ocean life. Since last November we discovered a bunch of curious anomalies. Later, the attendance of Mysterions was clear. I’ll show you what I mean…”

Professor Nepton opens a computer record file: “2 months ago we lost contact to our submarine Poseidon-II. A few weeks later, object 222 was recorded from safty distance. It has one extra big yellow canopy on the backside, from which different devices and arms grew at frontside. In the middle you find a bright spot light. The special is, that the devices looks exactly like the Aquanaut technology, so maybe it copied it or found and integrated parts of the Poseidon-II to its own segment. As mysterious fact, the position of arms and devices doesn’t make any sense. Some are useful, other are completely unlogical. Why should it attacked our ship just to assimilate our technology that way? We don’t know, but something is wrong with this object. The canopy walls were too thick for scans. It seems to be bigger than normal to face the deep sea compression. After that encounter we didn’t met the object again.”

A comm-channel opens…

Dr.Okeos: “Sorry to interrupt you, but professor, our expedition is over. We found what you assumed…”
Professor Nepton: “My god… LeGonze, since that day, crazy things happened. Unusual events. Divers were attacked by sharks but also peaceful dolphins. Usually, we’re careful and no one of the animals see us as dangerous. But the behaviour of all sea life forms has changed recently. They even attack each other and threaten the zoological balance.”

Dr. Okeaos: “Then, 2 weeks ago, every animal vanished. We searched for them but I never believed that we would find a giant swarm of different species. Sector H35-Zeta is filled with aggressive animals. And they seem to act like one swarm. It’s a scary phenomenon. I think, these events are connected to recent Mysterion activities on the planet.”

Lt.Vega: “Animals manipulated by Mysterions? I can’t see the logic but object 707 sent its signals in that sector of the ocean. I bet ther’re more objects hidden in the deep. We should go and take a look on ourselves. And a biological scan of one of the affected lifeforms could give more information about what’s happening.”

Professor Nepton: “No problem. We prisoned one of the sawcrocarks which attacked one of our scientists yesterday. It’s gone totally crazy. I hope we can stop the manipulation of them. Darius III is one of the last bright nature biotopes in this part of space which is not yet destroyed by space travelling cultures. We don’t want to lose it.”

Diver: “Calm, calm… oh… ATTENTION!!!”
Professor Nepton: “Careful. Grab it but don’t hurt it!!”

Diver: “We’re safe. I used a sedative on it.”
Lt. Vega: “I take a blood probe and sent a copy of the data to Dr. Koch.”
Lt. LeGonze: “We’ll travel to the animal swarm. I’m sure that there’s more to discover in that sector. The shuttle can hold the water pressure. Maybe we get an escort?”
Professor Nepton: “Sure. I’ll sent Poseidon-III.”


Lt.Vega: “I don’t understand what the Aquanauts are doing here. If this is an unaffected nature, the presence of scientists and ecological-supporters alone would be the first step of its destruction. They should leave the planet alone if it’s so important for them.”
Lt. LeGonze: “The coalition and Skaboor are not the only dangers. Ther’re companies in the E.A. and M-tron governments which would love to rob Darius III its gases, minerals and oil. Without research and reports about this world, nobody would care if it’s gone. You can’t preserve something you don’t know.”
Lt.Vega: “If nobody would have analysed the deep sea, its resources would never had discovered. Every try of saving the nature is manipulating it, too. The only law nature knows is the survival of the fittest. Human are intruders and change everything, no matter if they love the biotope or love its resources. Now, it’s too late. We’re here and the unique fact of 2 billion species of plants and animals on one planet will be gone within the next 100 years. Maybe the behaviour of life here is the planet’s answer to us.”

Lt. LeGonze: “Than it’s more brave than earth. We had 20 billion species.”
Lt. Vega: “WHAT??”
Lt. LeGonze: “Begin of 21st century, earth was one of the most colourful biotopes in this part of the milky way. Within just a few years, our oceans died, the climate lost its natural regulation and the forests had gone. Billions of species died out for the developing economy, science and culture of just one. Maybe that’s the reason why planets like these are so interesting. A second chance for us humans to protect something.”
Lt. Vega: “And the circle starts again. Earthlings never learn. 20 billions in one century? Mankind seems to be a more deadly species than Krill and Mysterions together…”
Poseidon-III: “Poseidon-III here. We reached destination. We suggest sharing our expedition. We keep in contact. Good luck.”

Lt. Vega: “The S.F.F. is detecting Mysterion signals. Object 223. No visual data. Only an audio-report from a Jar-Jar’s space taxi before it got missed some years ago not far from this star system.”
Lt.LeGonze: “I can’t open a channel. I think the minerals in the coral reef are blocking our signals. The Mysterion is probably hided there, too. Let’s go and take a closer look…”

At same time in the Aquanaut institute…

Poseidon-III: “Poseidon-III at base: We detected a Mysterion object. It looks like a fish skeleton with an integrated canopy.”
Cpt. Calak: “Mewton here. We’re prepared. Unfortunately, the contact to our shuttle is broken. But our scans shows it 10 kilometres south of your position.”
Dr. Okeos: “The coral reefs. Its minerals may block their comm-signals.”
Professor Nepton: “We have no time for them. Poseidon, follow the alien craft. It mustn’t escape us.”

The coral reef…

Lt. Vega: “The signal is decreasing. We’re going the wrong direction.”
Lt. LeGonze: “The rocks are filled with a high concentration of metals. This is a worthful claim. Could the Mysterion signals be deflected in some kind?”
Lt. Vega: “Probably. If the signals are electro-magnetical waves, yes. WAIT. I have something big on scanner…”

Lt.Vega: “A lifeform. Don’t move! Calm, baby. We’re not your enemy…”

Poseidon-III: “Encounter with object 223. Base, it’s going up. Damn, it’s quick.”

Lt.LeGonze: “MOOOMMMYYYYY!!!!!”

The monster gets LeGonze and its tentacles smash the diving suit…

LeGonze looses air. Just before he looses his consciousness he is watching something curious…

Lt.LeGonze thinks: “What the hell…”

While a faceless being stares at him, he is listening to crazy voices in his head.
Faceless being: “WeAK HuMAn MySTeriON SLuuR… WAR… Sha-KHAe-RheA eXtinCTioN… EXTINCT…”

Suddently, the foreign spaceship is leaving the water…
Shuttle 2: “Shuttle 2 at Mewton: We reached their last position. Captain Calak, an unknown spacecraft is leaving the sky…”

Lt. Wu: “Captain, the Mysterion object reaches the athmosphere. It is followed by an unknown ship. Our scans failed. I…I think, the ships is completely biological.”

Lt. Wu: “The ship attacks the Mysterion. They’re leaving.”
Cpt. Calak: “Take Persecution!”

Lt. Wu: “They go on lightspeed. The Mysterion is under heavy fire and damaged.”
Cpt. Calak: “FTL! Prepare phasers. Wide range, Target a position 500 miles before the foreign ship.”

Cpt. Calak: “FIRE!!!!!”
The Mewton sends a phaser blast on lightspeed. The energy spreads over many miles but hits the Sluur ship.

A last plasma blow from the Sluur ship destroys the mysterion.
Lt.Wu: “Sir. We jumped out of warpspace. Our scans don’t show anything left from any of the ships. The wreckages must been spreaden over a giant area.”
Cpt. Calak: “The only thing we know, is that both ships were hitted not if they’re destroyed. Return to Darius III.”

Lt. Vega: “Don’t leave, friend. I promised Emma to protect you…”

LeGonze gasps for air…
Shuttle 2: “We located them. Lt. Vega, Lt. LeGonze, are you ok? We’ll bring you to the Mewton immediately…”
Lt.LeGonze: “You saved me. Thanks…I feared I would never see my baby…”
Lt.Vega: “That’s friends are for. As long as you’re on my side, you’ll survive this mission. That’s I promised your wife…”


Cpt.Calak: “Ah, dr. Koch. I didn’t awaited your answer that fast…”
Dr. Martin Koch: “The research on the blood probes, your team made from the Darius sawcrocarks isn’t fully finished yet but what we detected can’t wait to be discussed…”
Cpt.Calak: “I don’t think ther’re any good news this time?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “A good one and an armaggedon one. The good one is, Darius III won’t be destroyed by earth industries, nobody will enter the planet for a while, unfortunately this won’t rescue its unique biotope. The planet is dieing withing the next 2-3 months. I know what influenced the behaviour of the animals and maybe also object 222. I always feared this, but worst case has come true.”
Cpt. Calak: “What? What can be able to kill 2 billion species in 3 months?”
Dr. Martin Koch: “Take a look on yourself. They’re back…”

Dr. Martin Koch: “Microsterions...”


 I made it 
  August 22, 2011
Quoting Delta Kevin 22
From the background i know, the EOS was founded by followers of the god Skaboor, maybe i'm wrong but ok. Every dynasty thinks, it is holy in some way. The Microsterions are invading the circuitry of all kind of technology and organism so most would react as if they're a viral infection. Their original supose is unknown. Maybe they were just nanobots that belonged to some Mysterion objects for self-repair functions and later took over.
  August 21, 2011
Another great chapter, though I don't think the neos is overly religious,vso they probably wouldn't say holy in that sentence. Also, I'm not sure the neos would invade ea space and be that selfish. It's almost like they turned back inti the old EOS. Maybe, but who knows. There might be something I'm missing. Influencing behavior...almost like theremaking all the factions go insane and warlike over an obsession with mysterions. Is a micromysterion some type of disease?
 I like it 
  July 23, 2011
Very, very nice and unique buildings, ships and effects!
 I like it 
  July 22, 2011
Oooh... is this new batch more resistent than the last? I MUST remember to nominate you in 2012's MOCies!
 I like it 
  July 22, 2011
Micromysterions? Oh man, that's some bad news.
 I made it 
  July 22, 2011
Quoting Ced The Clever Awesome story, love the visual effects...You've probably heard this plenty times, but that intro is inspired!
Thanks much. I disliked the first Intro somehow and decided to redo it. it's pretty fine and with a touch more drama.
 I like it 
  July 22, 2011
Awesome story, love the visual effects...You've probably heard this plenty times, but that intro is inspired!
By Christian Schlichting
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