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Divona Wars - New Beginnings
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This story was originally made by Blogger user ‘Mantrix the shadows domain’, more commonly known on YouTube as Bionicles360. I just took what he had done and re-write it but keeping in all events portrayed in his version. See the original here:
About this creation
Divona Wars – New Beginnings
A BIONICLE Fan-Fiction

Coniax is a peaceful place and the main city of Meridax-Nui. A place where matoran are hard workers and can feel safe knowing that they’re guarded by mighty beings known as toa who wield great power to battle great evils. At night, Coniax appears as a desolate and deterring place as the child-like matoran go to rest and the empty streets are chilled by the night air. The only matoran that stay out during the knight are the brave guards of the city, the Coniax Matoran Defence Force. Brave matoran who see it their duty to support the toa in any way they can, even if it means that they put themselves in mortal danger.

Down shadowed alleyways, figures move in the darkness. Their shape distorted by the thin mist that hangs onto the air.
Out of the darkness stepped a figure. A large humanoid made of metal. The dim moonlight glints off his armour and his shape is picked out by spots of light. This is Viren, a toa warrior and protector or of the matoran. He is not alone here at night, for in Coniax, other toa dart about the city, patrolling the area for any enemies that may be lurking in the darkness. The night was quiet. So intolerably quiet.
The tone changed however when footsteps were heard from outside the city. The gathered at the front gate and observed the entrance from a high wall that lined the city, making the front gate the only entrance. Viren gazed out through the night but couldn’t see anything through the mist. All he could hear was footsteps.

A creature perhaps?...
…Rocks falling?...

Many thoughts entered Virens’ mind as he tried to deter from the fact that it may be a hostile enemy that has come to battle the toa for access to the city and its people.
Suddenly, through the mist appeared a small being. At first glance it could have been mistaken for a canine of some sort but when Viren looked closer, he could see that this was a matoran. His instincts took in and he immediately began to descend the wall to the gate controls to allow this frightened matoran in where he could protect him. What Viren didn’t stay to view however was another being pacing behind the frightened matoran.
This creature moved across the land like it was part of it. Snaking around obstacles such as rocks and gaining on the defenceless matoran. This creature wasn’t any recorded rahi and had never been seen by any being before nor where they makuta, beings sent by Teridax himself. This was a new breed of predator. A savage beast that had one crucial advantage against the toa; it was their first encounter.
Once the matoran reached the Coniax, he raised his fist and pounded on the gate again and again, crying out as he did.

“Let me in, please let me in, oh god please open the gate!” –Pleaded the matoran.

Every word that rolled out of his mouth was saturated with fear and he trembled as he turned to see the pursuing beast gaining, homing in on his location. His actions became more frantic and he pounded with all his might.

“Please let me in! Don’t leave me here!” –He franticly yelled.

Eventually, the clanking sounds of machinery could be heard from the gate as the mighty structure began to rise up until…..

The gate had stopped moving?

The gate had barley lifted up a third of his total when it had jammed. Viren panicked and franticly tried to get the levers to respond.
The matoran uses instinct and gets down to the base of the gate. He grabs the floor as if it was his saviour and pulls himself along under the gate to salvation. He is met by Viren who grabs his arm and pulls him up. Viren then saw the large beast in pursuit of the matoran and immediately withdraws his axe weapon and cuts the cables holding up the broken gate, causing it to crash down and keep the beast out.

“You okay?” -Viren asks, concerned for the little being.
“Yes I am. Oh thank you toa, thank you!” –The matoran said with relief.

Before they could assess the overall situation, there was a loud thud against the gate as the beast put its full body into it, attempting to break it open.


The beast roars in anger and begins to shred through the layers of the gate in a raging attempt to get to the matoran. The beasts large claws eventually break through the layers of the gate and manage to hack out a hole large enough for its limb to fit through. It lunged forwards in a last ditch attempt to get to the beings on the other side. After these futile attacks, the beast gave up and let out a roar of anger as it slowly plodded away.
Viren pressed the matoran back away from the gate for his own safety and peered through the hole made by the beasts’ claws. As the creature walked away, he saw another one waiting for it. It was difficult to see through the mist but he could make out the vague shape. Some moonlight bounced off its shoulders revealing white armour. Viren looked closer as the moonlight moved across the best form and eventually up to its head.

What are you? -Viren thought.

Viren stepped back from the gate and slumped down on the wall, relieved that no-one was hurt but also exhausted from tackling the gate controls. The matoran ventured to the gate and peered through just in time to see the first beast meet up with the second one and disappear together.

"They're gone, it’s safe now" –Panted the matoran in relief.

The matoran looked over to the toa slumped down against the wall. Looking quite puzzled as to why he was tired, unaware of the gate incident from Virens point of view. The matoran ventured nearer and stood in-front of him. Viren lifted his head to face to matoran.

“My name is Sarix” –Said the matoran in a more cheerful tone, happy to be alive.
“What were those things?” –Queried Viren.
“I’ve heard rumours about those creatures before, stories more like, and I think they were called Nevika?”
Whilst they had been conversing, a figure had been standing behind them the entire time, unbeknownst to Viren or Sarix.

“So they’ve returned” –Said the unknown being.
“You took your time” –Said Viren in a slightly annoyed tone.

This new being was an ex bounty hunter named Malik. A precise killer who gave up the life of countless killing when he felt the need to become a protector of people. He allied himself with Viren decades ago during a battle where they had to work together to survive. Viren told Malik about his life in Coniax and Malik agreed to become a protector there with him. Their friendship has lasted ever since. As they were talking, another being stepped out and was immediately confronted by Viren.

“Nevika? Wait……Wasn’t that the name of your old toa team Nivika?” –Said Viren to the new being.

The new being was female and looked upset about this sudden accusation. She took a few steps away, sighed and then turned to explain.

“Yes. My name is Nivika and as leader of my group, formed the basis for our name” –She sighed.
“Those things out there were maybe once toa but not anymore. Since the infection took a-hold of them, their bodies have been twisted along with their minds. They are savage, remorseless beasts with nothing left of their former selves”

Each word of this new story seemed to be tainted with pain as the others could not begin to know what it was like for a single toa to lose their entire team and then face them again as enemies. Viren took a few moments to collect his thoughts before remembering the reason he was at the front gate; the matoran. Viren turned to Sarix and asked him

“Why were those creatures after you little one?”

Sarix reached into his pack. Most matoran don some kind of pack or pouch in order to hold their tools and traveling matoran collect items on their journeys which is another good reason to have a pack.

“They were chasing me…..” –Sarix pauses as he rummages around in his pack.
“…..because I found this”

Sarix pulled out a large gem that requires him to hold it with both hands. It has a bright purple colouring and it has a swirling cloud of black smoke within that can be seen changing size and shape. Nivika looks in horror as the oblivious toa and matoran gather to view it.

“Wh……where di..…did you find that? –Said Nivika as her voice trembled.

Sarix looked at her as the other toa did as well, confused about her current state of un-explainable fear.

“It was lying on the floor of a temple, it wasn’t on a podium so I thought it was just an ordinary gem but once those creatures started chasing me for no reason, I thought it had to be because of this” –Said Sarix.
“Do you have any idea that you’ve just taken the shadow stone?”

The group of toa and Sarix look at her puzzled but also investigative as to how she knows about it and they don’t. Nivika sighs again and before they can question her, she decides to just explain.

“Legend says that the eight elements of our world are concentrated into spirits. They keep the balance of the elements but to protect them further, they were contained within stones. The elements of fire, earth, stone, water, ice, air, light and shadow. They each have a precious stone that is responsible for the continuation of that element. If any of these stones were to break, that elemental power which the stone belonged to would die away and so will the spirit within it"

The others first look is of confusion but quickly turns to understanding and acceptance.

“Well then, now that we know they’re out there, I see it our duty to protect them” –Said Viren gallantly.

The toa take Sarix and lead him inside the city to their turaga so that he may assess the best course of action to take. They explain their encounter with the beasts and then of the legend of the elemental stones. Sarix even presents the turaga with the shadow stone himself. After much deliberation, the turaga was ready to voice his thoughts.

“ Do you really see yourselves fit for this task at hand?” –Questions the turaga.
“We do” –Says Viren confidently.
“So be it, but be wary. Finding them will not be easy and there are many dangers ahead. These beast you told me of, they are the guardians of the stones” –Continues the turaga.
“They were my last team, but fell to an unknown infection” – Explains Nivika.
“Indeed. There will be no journey for our heroes tonight, or our new companion. You will leave at first light. I fear the Makuta may already have knowledge of these stones. His spies are everywhere so you must make haste” – Said the turaga before leading Sarix to a resting place.

The moonlight glinted throughout the city, picking out the toa and matoran guards. The city will sleep for now, but the morning will bring many trials for our band of heroes.


 I made it 
  May 28, 2012
Quoting bionicle360 . thanks liked your version better and thnks for the advice on what you gave me really like you 5 heads out of 5 :)
No problem mate, this could be a great story and here's a brill concept I saw that makes me see the infected beasts:
 I like it 
  May 25, 2012
thanks liked your version better and thnks for the advice on what you gave me really like you 5 heads out of 5 :)
By Fenrek ~
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